let’s take a break

from vacation talk so we can get to this great picture below.

what is today, like DECEMBER FOURTH? this is us in front of the christmas tree in madrid- and it is still not lit. and that is just not acceptable, especially from my american standpoint where christmas begins november 23 or before.

yesterday we went to madrid thinking it would be cool to check out all the lights and well, this is what we were greeted with. a completely dark city. we took pictures anyway, but in the words of pelayo, “it looks like we’re in jail!”

DSC_0225unacceptable, madrid. unacceptable.

(evidently pilar told me today that they’ll be on on thursday. thank heavens)


One comment

  1. I bet you were disappointed when those 47 notifications were from mama! Haha I just had to comment on those 97 pictures from Budapest! 🙂
    Cute picture!

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