some photos from last week

before i leave the topic of vienna and austria completely, i better share a few photos from my iphone that have slipped beneath the cracks. it really is my favorite way to capture random moments that happen in the day to day, so here are a few of my favorites from my trip, along with some glimpses of the week in spain. 2012-12-03cold churros and watery chocolate from oh la la… at least the conversation at my intercambio with yoli and marta was awesome! // roasted chestnuts and i am in love. // pilar sometimes whips me up full on restaurant style meals for dinner. curried peppers and cous cous! spain has a strange obsession with cous cous… // this is a nuskin advertisement in the budapest airport. what?? utah is everywhere // this is me in my fleabag hostel. remind me to wash my clothes // the metro in budapest. i never knew where to go exactly… // forints! don’t be fooled, 10000 forints is like 45 USD. // the streets of austria with huge pretty chandeliers??

Recently Updated6cheers to myself with my mocktail in a catholic cellar // the library at vienna university. so scholarly // mozart chocolates! i can’t get enough // heavenly smelling sugared almonds at the christmas market in vienna // merry CHEESEMAS from hungary // i spent a lot of time at the ubonn station // what good are mirrors in elevators if not take self portraits? // empress sisi’s creepy hair at shonbrunn

Recently Updated7270 euro eye cream. i mean, why not? i’m pretty sure that i spent less money traveling for four days // metro in budapest. they were lightning fast // my favorite advert in spain. evidently this cologne has magical powers that get you the girl, let you ride elephants, AND joy ride on motorcycles in the sahara desert. i hope it is still in stock… // i found the abominable snoman in austria!! // oops. merry cheesemas again! // people really like handing me strange liquids in europe… most of which i dispose of when they’re not looking// chocolate croissant in the metro in budapest and my alpaca gloves // BEST COCONUT WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE  from “california coffee co” in budapest. dreaming about it.

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