alegria navideña

one of my favorite things about this town is its walkability. i live in central downtown where streets are one lane, one way, and completely impassible for half of the the american cars you see in the walmart parking lot. i mean, i guess when you start building a city in the 1500s it is kind of difficult to foresee these things… catholic priest students, you’re forgiven 😉

anyway, this week my neighborhood was transformed into a sort of christmasy haven… i mean, the place is DECKED OUT for the holidays. since i live about fifteen steps from the christmas cheer, i spent many nights this week walking around the streets. i mean, with this laughably warm weather we’ve got going for us in december, it would be a sin not to get out and enjoy a little christmas cheer. DSC_0234 Recently Updated12christmas looks good on the plaza de cervantes, no?

DSC_0244DSC_0255DSC_0256and all these pretty lights above the streets are great until you hear a news report of the weight of one not only coming unhinged from a balcony and pulling the railing off with it, but in turn causing the death of an elderly man who walked out onto his nonexistent balcony to wave goodbye to his son and fell to his death. and that, my friends, is the spanish news for you.

DSC_0261this picture stinks but i love it: two guys window shopping a jewelry store window. i have a feeling the same thoughts are running through their heads.

Recently Updated11the blurry trombone shows just how hard he was going. man, he was IN IT.

DSC_0265 DSC_0281 Recently Updated10DSC_0284 DSC_0290 DSC_0294all the lights, the music, the christmas markets, and the bargain shopping have really been bringing a lot of people out… but then again, spaniards don’t really get too phased by crowds. in fact, i think they kind of live for them, especially during this weekend of “puente”, or spain’s version of a four day weekend. leaving downtown madrid this afternoon was absolutely ridiculous! imagine all the streets, sidewalks, restaurants, and shops full of people body to body and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what sol looked like. i was worried someone was going to get trampled or lose a child. i think they were just worried about spilling their beers.

and that, folks, is the spanish life. feliz navidad

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