some photos from the week

the weeks just fly by here. i can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that i’ve been here for three months and that my time is just about…. agotado. i love ya, spain!

Recently Updated13relief society centerpiece: fiber optic christmas tree. safe to say i was transfixed the entire hour of class. // this weekend was puente, meaning a three day weekend, and ALL OF SPAIN AND THEIR ABUELA WAS IN TOWN. i could hardly get to the metro after going running in retiro with diana. my paella was cold. i ate it anyway! // the carniceria. i love that there is a special shop for every food item here. // yoli and me at the christmas tree in alcalá! i love my intercambio buddy //my clothes drying… laundry = foresight and when you run out of socks, well… it is too late. a gigantic tortilla bocadillo and paladín after sledding // here we are hanging out in the bathroom of the train station with our backpacks.. no toilet paper or soap. hi we’re glamorous. // institute. my teacher is hard to understand and finds joy in asking me questions i don’t understand… pero bueno…

Recently Updated14i mostly put this picture in because that mom and the guy who looks like 16 years old TOTALLY KISSED when we got to our stop. weird. // europe’s equation for best dressed. i want to meet the 6 year old gentlemanly scholar who wears these loafers. // again with the specialty stores… i hope the lamp store never goes out of biz! //this is what happens when you wear your hair in a bun for about three days straight. by day four there is no ponytail holder necessary! // fhe spent watching real madrid and eating hot dogs. well… not me. // my buddy kike made a friend on the metro… then stuck up a convo with her mom in french. when she asked how he knew they knew french, he said, “oh i heard her call you mami, and that is french for grandma.” … turns out she meant spanish mami meaning mom, and mom wasn’t to pleased about that crack at her age. men. // anticipation face before sledding! // eating a little snack at rodilla… don’t mind diana’s spilled coffee. she was distraught!

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