photos from the week

this week was a DO or DIE kind of week. i packed a lot of things in, took a lot of photos, and got a serious cold thanks to my english travel cocktail comprising no sleep, minimal eating, cookies for dinner, and an abundance of rides on the germy tube.

spaniards have some funny superstitions about colds, cough, and sickness in general. when i started telling people i was sick, they automatically told me it was because of the cold in england. when i told pilar i thought i actually most likely got sick from being near so many people, not washing my hands often enough, and touching so much public transit, she looked at me astonished and said, “do they not have places to wash your hands in england??”

when i lost my voice, it was obviously due to the change in temperature from outside to inside (those darn frigid 52 degree days!) and one friend scolded me for drinking water with ice in it because ice is obviously off limits to those with a cough. i was told to drink warm milk with honey for my throat, wrap a heating pad around my ears to stave off an ear infection, and eat soup for every meal (which is kind of awesome, actually). all great suggestions… however all i wanted was a heavy hand of nyquil.

so mostly i spent this last week sick… and confused. and laughing. (and coughing up a lung).  let us proceed.
Recently Updated3

a video of david beckham sleeping in the national portrait gallery! i am ashamed at how long i watched it… // just some words of affirmation from my friendly hostel staff// yoli and i went indoor skiing. and then we took this picture with a gigantic snowman.// here we are at xanadu, an overpriced indoor ski resort. it felt so good to be on skis again! // me while flying up the ski lift in my fuschia rented coat. // some tiny sandwiches as a nightcap // la catedral de los santos niños in alcalá and THOSE CLOUDS!!// the belén in my church’s foyer. you might set up a nativity, but spain sets up the entire city.Recently Updated4just some treats from the relief society. i took them home and we debated if they were homemade or store bought…// do you think pilar will notice if i take her chandeliers home with me?? // madrid temple looking goooooooood all lit up at night// me and the puerta de alcalá in madrid. in the rain. // my very favorite madrileño building// fernando looking up villiancicos (christmas songs) and singing them to me// searching for some christmas candy through mountains of turrones at the supermercado// half my face and buckingham palace.


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