so close // so far

evidently the universe thinks i haven’t slept in enough airports…. so i’m writing this from san francisco international! yippee….


you know, my trip wouldn’t be complete without at least one flight horror story, am i correct? when i went to spain in 2010 it was almost losing my passport, then on the way back being super delayed and sprinting through the  airport home alone style to catch a final flight to salt lake. well folks….. it seems like this trip has had its own little tricks up its sleeve for me.

initially i had three flights. madrid to new york, new york to phoenix, phoenix to boise. i got an email this morning saying my first flight would be delayed. getting that email made me a little worried, but also i just though it would give me a little bit more time to get to the airport, right? wrong. as i checked the reader board at barajas, unable to find my flight, i had this terrible realization that i might have read my email wrong and missed it. it was 11:15, 10 minutes before the plane was scheduled to leave, so i sprinted to the united counter, tossed all spanish knowledge to the wind, and pleaded with the lady for help. the good news was the flight was still delayed. the bad news? baggage was closed! i am an idiot and i forgot that while the  flight was delayed, i still needed to check bags on time. thankfully she wrote me a ticket, helped me with my bags, and i was on my way out of the country.

things were great until landing in new york. it was 3:30 and my plane to phoenix was to leave at 4:20. this wouldn’t have been a problem if i didn’t have to collect my bags, go through customs, take the tram to another terminal, recheck my bags, and find my gate. did i mention my bags weighed together probably a good 150 pounds? that i was wearing a sweater, coat, and scarf? that the newark airport is a maze, crazy town at this time of year, and full of unhelpful employees who all hate their jobs and don’t really care WHEN you get home? it was a mess. although i could have made the flight, i couldn’t check my bags because baggage was closed. also, since i was changing airlines, us airways refused to make any accommodations for the day because united had messed up. i lugged my stuff back and forth between ticket desks and terminals for about an hour until i heard a lady asking if anyone had come from madrid and missed a flight. ding ding!

turns out i was in the wrong line (yet again). however, this lady directed me to the right one, where the employee pronounced boise “BOYS” and multitasked finding me a plane ticket while flirting with her coworker/watching him try on a new christmas sweater i’m sure she’d bought him/ and discussed with everyone behind the desk about how the spinach dip lisa had brought needed more spinach. i just tried to smile and remember….TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY.

my flight was changed to san francisco for the night, then a connection was scheduled to boise in the morning.the flight to san fran…. well, lets just say it was cramped, 3 AM madrid time, LOUD like i was right over the engine, and stinky since i was right next to the bathrooms. also, i hate the aisle. also, i am writing this at 3 AM because i am paranoid about falling asleep and missing my flight home at 7 am AKA MY ONLY BEACON OH HOPE.

all i have to say is that i thank the good lord for reliable internet, technology, and hulu. and this wonderful pack of gun i’ve been eating all night as to keep me awake and somewhat satiated since there are no food places open.

happy holidays, everyone.


  1. Oh my goodness, that would have been a mouthful to send over snapchat!!
    see you oh so soon

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