an… unconventional christmas.

my family has some christmas eve traditions, most often including pizza and driving around our town looking at lights. most years our night travels around the city lead us right past the hospital in downtown boise. each year as we pass by, i look up at all the glowing lights in sporadic rooms, and feel a twinge of sadness for all the patients that had the rotten luck of landing themselves in the hospital over the holidays… until this year, because this christmas, my family was a bunch of those unfortunate souls.


you see, my younger sister had her appendix rupture three or four weeks ago, and to make a long story short, some serious complications and a handful of bad doctor advice later were shaken up to form the perfect storm which ended up putting her back in the hospital for emergency surgery and a week of recovery a few days shy of christmas eve. it was rotten luck, let me tell you what!


since kourtni was in the hospital (purgatory)for an interminable amount of time, christmas was…. well, a little different. the night before we kept with our dining tradtions, but the mood was a little somber. also, kourtni is going to hate me for these pictures. (sorrrrrry) but she was the best sport for letting me be annoying and memory-maker-like.


christmas day was basically just another ol’ day. we spent the day at the hospital, watching my sister drift in and out of consciousness and take painkillers. i passed the time doing puzzles and playing spectator via instagram and twitter field as friends and family unveiled their shiny new toys, impeccable meal spreads, and memories dripping with togetherness. as for us, well, i think the day can basically be summed up by the fact that i ate cold pizza for both breakfast and dinner and we woke up to a sad looking christmas tree with broken lights. ha!


kourtni spent the next week recovering, so as you can see, this was not a christmas we’ll be quick to forget! however, i think i can speak for the whole family when we say this year definitely taught us a thing or two about the importance of family, genuine charity, and health.


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