back to school.

imageare you ready for me, utah?

it has been awhile, but i feel like i never left. (and that is pretty laughably disconcerting, seeing as i’ve been away from campus for a good six months.) yesterday was my first day of work. i was greeted with hugs and happiness, and at first i couldn’t remember the most basic of things (what is dr. bailey’s nurse’s extension?! what forms are necessary for a circumcision?? WHAT IS THE DATE?) but after awhile i got into my receptionist groove. i hopped right back on that proverbial bicycle and sped right away!

however, seeing as i haven’t spoken a lick of spanish in the last three weeks or so, switching language modes was somewhat of a struggle. i didn’t anticipate that, let me tell ya. going to spain i had these flowery ideas of coming back completely fluent and have 100% comprehension of those fast talkers. unfortunately it didn’t come as easy as i’d hoped, and the way i talk is a jumbled mess of castilian spanish punctuated with mexican phrases (thanks, diana).  i guess this is all just another testament to the fact that language learning is a never ending process.

as for utah, oh utah! the mountains are still gorgeous, even if they’re covered in a blanket of smog and poor air quality is inundating the valley. also, it is freezing here:  single digits are commonplace, and my belief that january is all around a rotten month becomes stronger with each passing day. a good foot of snow blankets the ground, and all road surfaces have an icy sheen. icicles hang from every roof, and i swear i woke up to one crashing down this morning. i was a little worried about leaving the house today, but so far, so good.

oh, and might i mention that i single handedly moved for the ninth time in the last four years? i know, i am ridiculous. i feel like this is a skill i need to put down on a future resume or something. the trick? well…. i never really unpack. anyway, the little townhouse i’m living in is without a doubt the chic-est place i’ve ever lived, complete with a mounted flatscreen tv, stainless steel appliances, free parking (!!!!!!!!) and MATCHING DISHWARE.

i think i’m going to like it here.

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