we’ll always remember the WINTER OF 2013

if you didn’t know, utah is experiencing what i will always remember as the NOTORIOUS WINTER OF 2013. single digit temps, snow for days, havoc being wreaked on my apartment, and now…. all outside surfaces are a legitimate ice rink.

you see, last night it rained. how it rained in 15 degree temperatures, i’m not so sure. can you help me, mr. weatherman? but it did, and then the rain all froze, and this morning we were greeted with a sheet of ice that you needed an ice pick to traverse. early in the am i tried to brave a trip to the grocery store and slid the whole way, but made it in one piece. however, upon taking ONE STEP out of my car, i was like bambi on new legs, and within one step i was a a crumpled mess on the ice laden ground. as it warmed up you could see the condensation underneath the ice, but it didn’t go anywhere. and so neither did i.

campus wasn’t much better. in fact, by the looks of these videos, it was a lot worse. i laughed at tweets all day about people falling, not making it to class, and fearing for their lives. BYU sent out an email to all students, urging them to “be careful” and requesting that teachers, “excuse tardies” for the conditions. why school wasn’t just cancelled, i’ll never know.

so all we can hope is that it rains salt tonight in order to gets rid of the ice or we all wake up and its april.

either way.

i need a vacation.

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