hanging out at capitol hill

well we’re halfway throughout february without a single solitary post.


i guess my life can be summed up right now in the fact that i still either sit in class learning about disease all day, or scan insurance cards with one hand while handing out masks and stickers with the other… or both. i come home and cook a lot of tacos and use a lot of goat cheese. i rip off my clothes the second i walk in the door and lay around in my virtually see through black leggings and no hood sweaters. MY LIFE SCREAMS GLAMOUR.

so that is the reason nothing has been springing up here on ye olde blog. the life i’m living right now is pretty mundanely awesome/ awesomely mundane.

HOWEVER last week i did actually do something kind of cool and worthy of a blog shoutout. you see, this semester i’m in a health promotion class where we’ve been working with the american cancer society cancer action network (ASCAN) on some of their lobbying AKA doing the grunt work research for politicians on tobacco specialty shops, oral chemotherapy, early detection cervical cancer, and mammograms. it is good stuff, all of it! the fruits of our labor finally paid off on friday when our whole class got dressed up, wore official nametags, clapped for guest speakers, then educated legislators on topics at the state capitol.


if you know my life story, you know i went through a politics phase in high school. i spent my spring break learning about legislation in washington dc, waited out in the freezing cold of january to see then-senator barack obama speak in humble boise (then watched the election of 2008 like it as the super bowl) and then spent a week of my summer at what was virtually political summer camp. as the years have passed and i’ve lived in the college bubble, i kind of forgot about this aspect of my life… but walking onto capitol hill brought it all flooding back.


confession: i like this stuff. walking around a marble stair-cased building in semi-uncomfortable heels was exciting. handing pages in green jackets numerous requests to speak with a legislator was exhilarating.

so this weekend i came to the conclusion that, as you can see, i have a problem, AKA i have way too many likes and interests. as my college career rounds  a corner, the reality of real life is beginning to materialize in the back of my mind. being single puts no restraints on what i can do, where. there’s a lot of options. it hurts my head. life is wild.

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