white girls brunch

this post simply serves as a testament to my observation that there is good food in provo, and then there’s GOOD food in provo.

communal1 communal2

since freshman year i’ve been running the same provo loop. down 9th east, turn right on center, turn right on university ave, turn right on university parkway, turn right on 9th east. it is a good 6 miles of hills, crosswalks, and downtown provo. it is especially good with a good podcast coming in your ears like this one.

i tell you this because communal is a restaurant i pass by every time i run down university. every time i run on by it beckons to me. maybe it is the pretty space flocked by commanding windows which facilitate easy peering, or perhaps the people contentedly dining on brunch fare that looked a lot more appealing than three more miles pounding the pavement. all i know is that this place was always putting out the vibes that it wanted me to visit.

so i did.

related: why do all my favorite friends live in salt lake? whitney is one of them. we used to work together before she grew up and moved to the city and got herself a real job being a business lady at lds family search. i guess scanning medicaid cards loses its glamour after awhile. anyway, she threw caution to the wind on saturday and made her boyfriend drive her to provo so we could go eat together. because that’s what white girls do: attend brunch and buy four dollar grapefruits an hour away from their own kitchens. doing so is probably completely ridiculous but also kind of always makes me feel ridiculously complete. passions, ya know?

so we ordered a lot of food. those crepes? lemon ricotta topped with granola in some kind of ethereal orange blueberry syrup concoction. wonderful. also, said vanilla ginger grapefruit souffle. whitney got a burger. and if you’re thinking, “a burger after all that poring over the menu?!” just know that it had a “farm fresh egg” atop, so points for that. also, seriously thick strips of bacon and homefries sprinked with rosemary and the stuff dreams are made of.

i have a thing for pretty food that tastes delicious, so all my expectations were exceeded. i will be going back, and you should too.

(also, i can’t talk about our little experience without talking about our buddy at the table next to us. he was dining alone and donning a t-shirt that read, “camping is in TENTS”…. and you know what else was “INTENSE”? the way brunch buddy stared at us and injected his own anecdotes into anything we had to say, along with critiquing our food choices as he sipped his peach fizz. the zoobies, i tell ya)


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