a review of february (can you believe it is already done?!)

i’m kind of “meh” to the whole january 2-march 19 sprawl…. especially when the whole lot of it is spent trekking back and forth to byu campus, with tight boundaries ranging from north orem to springville. bleh! i stayed pretty darn busy, though… february means midterms, which means nights like tonight, where i put off studying and instead making peanut butter (dang good stuff, that peanut butter), listen to podcasts about transvestites, and blog. oh my life.

so here’s my month made manifest through some grainy iphone photography. enjoyyyyyy


family dinner with cute cousins// cousin date to cafe rio. boys ordering salads?? //cousins playing twister…. bahaha// happy sumo with my good ol’ roommatesvscocam139

food photos. not sorry! yellow curry with cauliflower rice // shaking up my avocado toast// THE BEST SALAD with greens, roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato, goat cheese, honey dijon dressing, soy nuts // spinach and artichoke pizza on valentine’s day

another day done on campus// WAITING in line to TAKE a test on a SATURDAY while it was SNOWING // byu parking lot: you can’t read it, but the license plate said “hella” and i laughed// work is over and i am going home!

FREE YOGURTLAND DAY the best day, obviously // brunch date with whitney// SUSHI// lobbying on capitol hillvscocam142

still trying to decide on a new pair of glasses// eating mongolian bbq takeout in my car in the snow with hailey// seeing friends from boise! // how i spend most of my days… on the phone with screeching parents on the other end

a stuffed animal taking refuge in the back of a cop car?? // my favorite place to eat my lunch mondays and wednesdays during my 15 minute lunch break between classes. SUNLIGHT. // special deliveries from anthropologie must be documented // it is great being the only girl at the gym in the weights… also i am pretty sure that guy is posing for me.

the needle i get put in my arm twice a week// i won a jar of FREE PEANUT BUTTER on twitter and obviously i got a jar of dark chocolate dreams. i am in love with it.// my favorite meal of the month- sauteed kale with a roasted sweet potato topped with goat cheese. *saliva// and this picture is purely to document my ONE WEEK UNWASHED HAIR. love me or hate me.

as far as other things, i’m currently…..

reading: three new favorite blogs here and here and here

watching: lincoln

listening to: this podcast which left me with a lot to think about regarding gun violence

eating: baked sweet potatoes with goat cheese and honey and no dessert for lent (i’ve made it two weeks! eeeeeee)

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