the summer renaissance

spring has been a whirlwind- every day is emphatically punctuated by my own bewilderment  of where the heck may went. whatever, it’s been fun. 


school being out has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. really. i’ve been able to do so many THINGS that i want. don’t get me wrong, i have been working, but the scales of leisure and work have teetered a little more towards balance and that is just what this girl has been needing.

humor me while i jot down the rundown of all good things that have been going down. if you follow me on instagram you probably already know these things. whatever, ya know? 

BIKE RIDES. guys: rico got fixed a few weeks back, and riding that bad boy has been cleansing. i love it so much… so much that i think rico needs a friend. somebody talk me out of one of these

BOOKS: summer is for reading. so far i’ve gotten through the paris wife and middlesex. if you’re fascinated with paris and the expatriate american writers of the 20s, feel refreshed by a woman’s perspective, and secretly have a weird crush on ernest hemingway, i suggest you read the paris wife. if you want to read a book like none other, read while shielding your face but keeping your fingers spread just enough to continue reading, i suggest middlesex. the writing is enchanting and the subject is so unique… but to put it plainly, if you want to read a gripping tale of a true blue hermaphrodite, get on this book. i’m currently reading cutting for stone and so far, so good. i’ve got a long list of summer reads…. and basically i feel like a bear coming out of hibernation. 

HIKES: utah is killing it in the hiking dept this spring. ample rain has made things green and happy. this week some friends and i hiked to the top of squaw peak, and last week i hiked to another peak on the wasatch… it remains nameless. the views at squaw peak were utterly breathtaking, and when i didn’t think it could get any more perfect, a bald eagle soared right through and around the canyon. yep. 


LA NAY PERME: so on a whim last month i decided i wanted to get into organic farming, which is laughable if you know me, since i can’t even keep basil alive for more than  a week. given that unalienable truth and no space to do it myself, i turned to the next best thing: volunteering at a local farm on the wasatch front. AND I LOVE IT. every week i go and pull weeds and chat with the mexican workers straight from jalisco who call me “LA ESPAÑOLA” and give me fresh strawberries and spinach when there’s leftovers. i leave completely covered in dirt and mud, my fingers succumbing to green stains from not wearing gloves. it is all worth it, though- clearing weeds and tying tomatoes while talking about travel and food…. it is so satisfying to me.IMG_4027

QUILTING: guys, i don’t know how to sew, but i made up a pattern last sunday, pulled out all my high school shirts, begged my grandma to let me use her sewing machine, and started my very own timberline high school t-shirt quilt. when it is done you better believe i will be posting photos because i am preeeeeeetty proud of my rookie-at-best endeavor. 


here’s to you, spring. i’m totally high on you. 


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