hawaii deja-vu: mostly beach spam.

because i, for one, would much rather use my eyes on photos than a lot of words, the pictures will abound in this post, and the photos will take precedence. (also i have yoga in an hour, so i’ve gotta make this snappy)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: please recognize that all hang loose hands are placed ironically in homage to the russian chick that asked us to take her photo at pearl harbor. hang loose, bra. DSC_0390

sunsets at sunset beach. metaIMG_4607DSC_0443

one day we went on a hike to koko head…. which was basically a grueling ladder climb in the rain. we felt really accomplished making it all the way up there! without falling to our deaths, passing out, or smooshing our peanut butter banana sandwiches.

DSC_0399 DSC_0410

one of the ups to vacationing west of where you’re from is the ability to sleep in to 10 idaho time, but be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6 am local time. needless to say, we were the first to the beach our first day at waimea. not complaining. DSC_0416DSC_0423

did i talk about the big rocks at waimea bay last time? heights don’t leave me completely paralyzed, and i’ve been known to jump off stuff since i was little, so doing this again was a rush. getting diana to do it was probably just as fun as doing it myself. hearing the entire crowd of jumpers at the top of the rock clapping in unison and cheering for her as she went was nothing short of expected, but totally awesome, too.DSC_0562

do you see how the ENTIRE rock crowd turned to watch her jump?? hahaDSC_0581

no more photos, please! DSC_0593

we had this goal of finding the elusive HIDDEN BEACH i had heard so much about, but after going to the end of the farrington highway, walking past the 15 telephone poles, and turning right past pole 196, we made it only to a rocky beach area with jagged cliffs and not much space to spread a towel…

beautiful, anyway. WE WILL FIND YOU SOMEDAY hidden beach! DSC_0629

oh, these hats. i never want to see that green one again but it sure did save me from some unfortunate sunburns…DSC_0639 DSC_0653

hang loose at hidden (probably for a reason) beach. DSC_0657

diana was REALLY GREAT at model photo shoots….. like i could probably have made a movie out of the photo sequence of crashing waves in the above photo. she’s gonna make a great paparrazo someday. DSC_0720

i just want you to notice my braids and how my hair is SO TANGLED they don’t even require elastic bands. DEAD HAIR DON’T CARE.

one day as we were driving to hanauma bay we passed the prettiest waters, ever…. which also must serve as the designated homeless beach because those are the only people who were roaming around there? the teal of the ocean was almost excruciating it was so beautiful.

maybe i almost ran us off the road a few times in my gawking… DSC_0807

also, wind. DSC_0830

also, extreme wind. DSC_0832 DSC_0845

and then we made friends with a fourteen year old boy. wait….

when hanauma bay proved to be expensive to get in, TOURIST TRAP! we climbed over the guard rail at a lookout point and climbed down to our own beach. the waves meant business down there.
DSC_0847 DSC_0927

she didn’t want to get her hair wet. the waves had other plans. DSC_0874DSC_0946

on our last day in paradise, no, last two hours of sunlight, we FINALLY decided to pull out the snorkeling gear that i had thrown in the car as an afterthought. i’d never snorkeled before and thought it would just be meh…. but MERLIN’S BEARD! the ocean is another WORLD. i was completely smitten with the open water and the extra buoyancy the flippers gave me. tooling around in the water with the fishies was pretty incredible. DSC_1025i think it took the guy a grand total of four tries to accurately hit the shutter. HAWAIIANS.


lessons in color blocking…. or lack, thereof. i promise i was wearing bottoms…



best trip ever? probably.
maybe i’ll just blow my tax return check on trips to paradisiacal places more often….

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  1. Amazing pictures of two amazing friends! Glad you got your food crawl on and were able to partake of the parts of Hawaii we missed! Looks so good! Well, everything except the squid poopy looking food…

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