hawaii deja-vu: oahu food crawl.

if you know me, you know one of my biggest hobbies is food. most of my favorite travel experiences revolve around trying the local favorites and experience that euphoria of sinking your teeth into something that is either widely acclaimed, weird, new, or just anticipated. i think it is safe to say all those requirements were definitely met during OAHU FOOD CRAWL 2013!

here’s some of our favorites:

first stop::  DOLE WHIP from the dole pineapple plantation! really heavenly. if you’re lucky you can sit outside and be surrounded by chickens and roosters squawking all over the place and flying up onto your table, too! ps. better than disneyland because it isn’t hollow! IMG_4558

obviously, you need to go to giovanni’s shrimp truck to partake in the most delicious garlic shrimp of your life. don’t let this crazed lunatic pictured below scare you away.


in the same area, there is some really good grilled corn in a kiosk over by the bathrooms (appetizing).  it is roasted, then smothered in butter, parmesan cheese, and spices. WOW.


food trucks are a big deal around the north shore, and the thai truck in hale’iwa does not dissapoint. i got tofu pad thai and diana can attest to the fact that it was off the styrofoam and into my belly in about 5 minutes tops. next time i am getting the pho…. even though that is totally vietnamese?

this cafe in laie is what the 50 first dates cafe was based off of…. or so they say. regardless, they sell pancakes the size of legitimate dinner plates that are good eatin’! diana got macadamia nut, i got coconut. we only got half stacks and we still couldn’t finish them off… which is really saying something, especially for me. i don’t waste food, ya’ll. IMG_4628DSC_0453DSC_0455you CANNOT miss the kahuku grill, in kahuku. they’re famous for their coconut shrimp, but  on this particular trip we were simply looking for a snack… which called for the coconut banana bread sundae. DSC_0799wow. can you sense the euphoria in my eyes?? 

also, some random guys gave us their french fries. we are fairly certain they took a bite out of this one. it’s cool, they were still delicious. we tried to go back another day for some coconut shrimp, but the fryer was broken. (WHAT) so sadly this was our only kahuku experience. guess we’ll have to go back…IMG_4671

diana has a friend from honolulu who was coincidentally home while we were there, so one day he took us out to some of his favorite places for some authentic hawaiian fare. we went to helena’s which was super authentic and super good. we split all this…. well, except i didn’t eat the meaty stuff. starting with that white block stuff, which is haupia (coconut pudding), rice, luau eel, rice noodles, meat stuff, and more meat stuff. yeah, real technical, i know. DSC_0988

here’s my plate: ahi with luau eel and rice. luau eel is a combination of pureed taro leaf with kiwi, coconut, and eel. it was actually kind of tasty if you didn’t think about it too hard…IMG_4680

after dinner, we went to liliha’s bakery and got coco puffs…. basically cream puffs that fall straight from the heavens above. this photo is janky and i appologize, but it was delicious and you should just take my word and probably get a few if you’re ever cruising through honolulu. IMG_4682

diana approved! IMG_4684

and then we still weren’t done, so we went to bubbies ice cream and got mochi! this was my first  experience with the rice dough wrapped ice cream, but i liked it! this one here is dark chocolate raspberry i do believe. it was good…. and maybe diana and i went back later on that night to get a little more ice cream for the road? idk. maybe. probably. definitely. IMG_4685

speaking of ice cream… another good joint is angel’s in laie. they specialize in sno cones, but i got an acai bowl becuase they are BOMB. but the best ones are in hale’iwa, for the record.


i don’t like sno cones, but we went to aoki’s in hale’iwa and i choked one down… or more like i took four bites of the top, scraped off all the ice and juice and ate the ice cream at the bottom. IMG_4647DSC_0586

on our last day we felt like we hadn’t eaten enough, obviously, so we went to boots and kimo’s to try their famous pancakes with macadamia nut syrup…. which is not syrup at all, but a lucious creamy sauce they spoon over everything. omg. diana and i just shared a plate and when we were done we seriously contemplated getting another. also, homefries. meh?IMG_4760

and lastly, i cannot forget our very favorite drink, the coveted guava juice. it is just so good and only sold on the hawaiian islands, tear tear. we savored every drop, let me tell YOU!DSC_0402

so there you have it, the best food on oahu… well, according to this trip. one of the great things about the island, especially the north shore, is the bounty of different cusines and treats! they are abounding and i wanted to eat everything!

also, i can’t end this post without tipping my hat (you know, the one i stole from my sister and wore in all the pictures and NEVER want to see again??) to our lowly and delicious peanut butter and banana sandwiches which we consumed on a daily basis. seriously, there is not much better than getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth while basking in the sun. DSC_0428

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