a zesty dinner date with whitney jean.

IMG_4996getting older is fun because you get to have friends all over the place and reconnect every now and again and hear about their super awesome lives and jobs and vacations. also, you can commiserate about the same topics if they’re awesome and sit around salt lake people watching and finding those super elusive attractive guys who walk around with buns and scruff because that kind of thing is shunned in utah county.

and that, folks, is why i am single.

anyway, let’s get to the meat of this post!

HA funny i say meat because this particular dinner date took us to zest, a local/vegetarian/vegan bar and kitchen down in salt lake. this is the type of place i dream about going, but no one ever wants to go with… or so i thought until whitney text me a few days beforehand, pleading with me to take her somewhere healthy in an attempt to balance out her chocolate ice cream habit! it was like christmas, receiving that text, so yep, to the vegan diner we went!

so turns out zest is mostly a bar. like…. we were carded first thing, and the drink menu was about five times larger than the actual food menu, which always makes me laugh because i am SO AKWARD in those kind of situations. i always want to be cool when the waiter asks for my drink order and ask for something besides water, but the virgin options are just never that great, ya know?

Jul 26, 2013

anyway. super cool space, that zest. the food…. it was good? we started with quinoa stir fry that was bathing in TAMARI and guys… tamari might just be glorified soy sauce but we were TOTALLY INTO IT. for our food i got a marinated portobello mushroom atop lemon risotto and sauteed spinach and whit got raw zucchini pasta with pesto and tomatoes. we enjoyed everything, but MAN my portion was a little baby thing. not exactly worth the huge chunk of change we layed down, but hey! experience! also, i’m recreating that lemon risotto.

Jul 26, 20131

after dinner we went up to the avenues to check out dolcetti gelato… and WOW if you’re headed that way get the tart cherry because it packs just the punch you need after a nice cleansing vegan meal. maybe half the fun was just sitting outside on the curb getting licked by dogs and dreaming about living there one day while doing nursing school at the u (the stuff dreams are made of!) but it was just a really great time with great company. summer is great. friends are great.


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