may at a glance

i realize the may recap happened after the june one.

just…. let it happen. maycinco de mayo is the one day a year i pull out this fantastic drug rug. this year we went to a cinco de mayo party in the park…. theres was a lot of spanglish and awful horchata. it was wonderful. // tulips outside my apartment!! it felt like home for the five days they lived. // a birthday present to myself. I LOVE THESE SHOES. also they are THE REAL DEAL and not for target so don’t even ask. (not bitter) // rugby nationals!! byu won and we stood at the gate the whole time because we were too cheap to spend 25 bucks on tickets. worth it! // tacos from red iguana in salt lake…. best mexican food. ev. er. // i’m really into green smoothes, especially in my mustache cup. // hailey went to scandanavia and bought out the entire airport, i think… but you know… DUTY FREE B*TCHES (sorry i just always want to say that.) // my room at 7 am. the light wakes me up every morning.


sometimes my roommate, anita, and i are so similar it is scary. these are our frozen yogurts. we got THE SAME THING fyi. also both our middle names are kristine. and we wore esmarelda shirts to kindergarten. and we buy the same coconut body wash. and this is getting creepy but she hates cheese and that is just plain sacrilege in my book. // hi i got new glasses and this was their maiden voyage. also, i saw a guy at church wearing the same ones so…. there’s that. // i finally made a tshirt quilt outta my highschool shirts. // mason! he totally doesn’t look like this anymore. sniffle. // running in boise across the big red bridge reminds me of high school cross country and jumping off before it was legal. // going home means bringing my sriracha with me because i am obsessed // my goonish grin and my pretty sister // a good night that went from trying to hit flaming golf balls off the dock at lucky peak to jumping into lucky peak. // hot babe grandma and hot babe sister. may2rondo just always wants to hold my hand. // teaching lindsay how to pump her own gas// rondo just wanted to see what was up with facebook, too. // my twin sisters. seriously! i can hardlly tell them apart! // in may we had a family pushup competition. 100 pushups every day for 30 days! obviously it was too easy a task for payton. // box jumps gone extremely wrong.

and that was my may! have two months REALLY gone by since all this fun? i can hardly believe it.

as for other things, i’m currently :::

reading: the paris wife. i absolutely loved it.

watching: can i say iron man 3 without you judging me? no? hmmmm.

listening to: daft punk’s get lucky (before it was cool! i think!) passion pit’s new stuff, the neighbourhood’s sweater weather.

eating: probably a lot of green smoothies. also TRAIL MIX (but mostly just the yogurt covered raisins)

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