down in the bay pt 1.

remember when allegiant totally messed up on our flight to hawaii during round one? well, the airline sent some vouchers for flights and whatnot, so i jumped right on that and automatically purchased a flight to san francisco to visit one of my pals, shane. can i take a minute to brag about shane for a minute? he’s a really good egg. when he found out i was coming, he made perfect itineraries, took us to all the best places to eat, and navigated the city and our other day trips like a CHAMP. plus his family is the best for letting us crash with them for the weekend. usually on vacations the red side of my personality really kicks it in full force and i take charge of maps, directions, and urban spoon recommendations (diana you feel me). however, this time shane took the reigns and i pleasantly resigned my position as crazy control freak. it was nice to be led around and told what to do for once!

anyway, we were there 3 days so naturally we are dragging this series out into three different posts. and go.


shane picked us up and took us to treasure island for a good lookout of the city. and it is safe to say that we sort of forgot what anything under 95 degrees feels like. (aka we were cold)DSC_1135IMG_5207

for lunch we hit up galette 88, a restuarant that has the best buckwheat crepes ever. wow. mine was full of caramelized onions and mushrooms along with mozzarella and asiago cheese. wow. will be making these soon.



DSC_1140IMG_5228 DSC_1141

after eating we headed out to see the sights along the water… you know, fisherman’s wharf, pier 39, the ferry building, ghirradeli square (free chocolate!) and the oxygen bar, of course. IMG_5224

brooke had always wanted to try this place out and couldn’t stop talking about it. i took one whiff of the oxygen coming off that thing and wanted to gag, so i left her to her “oxygen” and explored a little myself. she says she felt a hundred times better when everything was said and done… i say THE PLACEBO EFFECT AT ITS FINEST.IMG_5237

when shane got off work he took us to see the sights! lombard street, then mrs. doubtfire’s house (well, on the second try. he took us to one house, brooke looked it up, and sure enough. we were at the wrong house. GOOD TRY!) next we went to the painted ladies AKA full house houses! i had this great idea of taking a picnic-y picture, and when i told the guy taking the picture what we wanted, he told me he had some beers in his backpack if we wanted to have them. OF COURSE WE DID! i feel like they really enhance the photo, right? IMG_5239

one of my musts was bi-rite creamery for salted caramel ice cream. i didn’t dissapoint. neither did eating it in dolores park and getting offered illicit drugs for the first time of the night. DSC_1150

we spent the night eating burgers in castro, getting obscene shaped macaroons at hot cookie (lets just say that once you go black you don’t go back 😉 and then headed to see the sutro baths and hike around in the caves, see the views of the city at the COIT tower, and then check out haight ashbury.

we don’t know what this means, but it is probably something drug related, seeing as we once again got offered more goods right after the shutter clicked. DSC_1157

i call this one the ghost of haight ashbury.

and the bay bridge! the lights flicker all night, kind of reminiscent of the eiffel tower. but really not at all.

such a great day in the city! san fran, we like you.

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