july at a glance

i have so much to get caught up on, people! let’s make this snappy!july 1

going to costco and buying six pounds of strawberries is great.. unless you eat them all over the course of 24 hours. // we went to slam poetry in salt lake! it was excellent. this is anita’s free speech face. // i made a PAVLOVA. and it was GREAT. //  my roommate is super organized about her studying and i reward her with cookies i get at work. seriously, the chocolate from paradise bakery is FANTASTIC // still on my green smoothie kick made even better while sitting on the stoop in the early AM. this is summer. // sunsets over idaho falls. not too shabby!
july 2

i found this visually separated milk in our refrigerator when while cleaning it out one day…. anita and i betted on how long it would sit in our fridge before the owner threw it out. yeah, she never did… and then she moved out, so…. think we should have taken a swig? // i am OBSESSED with anthony bourdain and his new series on cnn. it is truly beautiful and educational and full of great food and bourdain snark. also it teaches you how to make hashish like i know you wanted to know how to do. // this book and this strawberry goat cheese balasamic vinaigrette salad. a perfect lunch break at work. // i made a peach pie for my friend’s bday. it didn’t stand a chance between the three of us. // station 22 has the best sweet potato fries, hands down. // self explanatory i think. long live the queen.
july 3

whenever i pass through salt lake i make it a point to stop over at tj’s and pick up some sushi, then proceed to eat it in my car with my hands because i am CLASSY // this is a small photo but it paints a good picture of what it is like to live in utah county. jesus holding the declaration of independence. yep. // hike to stewart falls on the 4th with family// this is the role at relief society, they wanted to know if we were staying for fall or moving out to another apartment. do you think my excitement at leaving this ward was tangible enough?? // impromptu dinners with anita usually end up being my favorite meals of the week. // the provo river trail… this scummy pond is equally smelly and beautiful. july 4

a gem of a thrifted find // while i was at home this month i hung out with my friend amy… the photo on the left is from senior skip, the photo on the right is present day… and yes, she is wearing the exact same thing. // summer makes me a big fan of night walks and listening to podcasts. // hawaii made me a big fan of acai bowls, so i’ve been making my own! what can i say? pureed foods hold my heart. // my mom regifted me a juicer and this is a beet, orange, grapefruit, carrot concoction with ginger. WOW it was so great… cleaning the juicer, however, is not so fun. // i  literally get at least three credit card offers every week. is this a THING?july 5

pregnant cousin! i already talked about this. // my cousin parker likes to steal my glasses and guys would you believe me if i told you he was just sixteen? // kourtni and fred. fred and kourt. they never get old to me, and their affinity for backpacking freeze dried foods is disgusting. // scenery in idaho falls, i tell you what! // diana moved 😦 😦 😦 goodbye bff // i bit the bullet and bought a vitamix. besides the buyers remorse, it has been a GREAT idea. july 6

my friend brooke is a photo major, and she needed some help for a shoot, so we went to the dunes and photographed her cousin skiing down them. i totally wanted to try it. // the dunes! we got there at just the right time. // snapchat screenshot. sometimes i have to deliver life size stuffed animals to their owners when moms call and say they can’t come get them because all their kids are buckled in… #momprobs // anita and i see the national. so good. // the national!// gelato from dolcetti with whitney. tart cherry is where it’s at. july 7i have a bad habit, and it is called coconut diet dr. pepper with limes in a size so bit i intermittently have to set it down because my arm gets tired from holding it. sonic is a slippery slope, ya’ll. // have you seen scott pilgrim?? it is kind of my favorite movie of the month, and this is my google search results when asking if michael cera is gay. idk i thought it was the funniest thing ever at the time // stoop sitting meal! rotini in cauliflower sauce peas and summer squash, topped with basil and a serious amount if basil. // i went hiking and a MOOSE crossed my path! i thought it was a bear at first and nearly peed. // another kitchen casualty in apartment 17. this, my friends, is why we cannot have nice things.

as for other things, i’m currently :::

reading: and the mountains echoed… pretty good! not as good as one thousand splendid suns, but a good read all around.

watching: anthony bourdain parts unknown!! obsessed with bourdain and his cracked out attitude.

listening to: noah and the whale, especially L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N., which is kind of my power song. fitz and the tantrums.

eating: anything PUREED thanks the the recent purchase of my vitamix friend. mostly smoothie bowls.

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