we need a little christmas. right this very minute

i’m back! we’ll talk more about my time laying low in another post, but first! christmas! one thing i would really like to do this year is pull out my big bulky camera more often. the iphone is nice, convenient, discreet, and doesn’t make me look like a complete dumb@$$ carrying it around, but man. one look at the quality and i know there’s a reason i dropped out of school that fated fall day in 2011 and used my tuition money to buy that 900 dollar machine. (insert monkey covering mouth emoji)


first off, a photo shoot with payton after church one day. i told him to stand on that ball thing so we would crop it out later and make him look taller. i totally lied. really i just wanted photos of him posing on an exercise ball while taking selfies with my mother.


poor kid has to put up with me kissing him every time i come home. sorry buddy. (not really)DSC_0162

one day he’ll be this big and it makes me sad. in my mind he’ll always be either five or twelve. DSC_0171most epic photo bomb. nice work, lindsay.


oh look, here we all are. DSC_0187

self timer, guys!


leo fritze and i totally bonded over break. don’t ask. just… let it happen. IMG_6332

my mom was set on going to see the botanical gardens at garden aglow.DSC_0210 DSC_0214 DSC_0218DSC_0227 DSC_0231 DSC_0236

i was set on getting her to take photos with me in the following manner while hundreds (probably 10)  spectators turned and stared. DSC_0237seeing as my dad works for ups, he is mostly never around during december. this means christmas eve was spent gathering around our kitchen island wolfing down pizza and drinking copious amounts of martinelli’s. it’s one of those “when the cat’s away, the mice will drive kris ball to her wit’s end”  sort of situations. hi mom. IMG_6335


christmas morning flannel.


i made a photo book of our hawaii trip and it was my favorite thing to watch my family open up. too bad the book ended up being like 5 inches by 5 inches. foiled again during my scholarly stupor that was fall semester.

one of the best things was seeing my friends that were home. seeing as none of my best friends from boise live within 1000 miles of me, it is always imperative that we find some times to get together.  you know. like going to the POTATO DROP on nye, which is essentially JUST LIKE the times square ball drop, but instead of a ball it is a potato that drops at midnight. (it is nothing like times square). DSC_0270


and going to lunch, which is just a given. IMG_6330
the weather in boise was pretty spectacular over break, so a lot of mornings were spent taking our maniac dog out for his daily gaunt. also, lots of slobbery stick throwing and twirling on ice that probably isn’t that safe to twirl on. in fact, kourtni was informed of it by a self proclaimed safety officer as he rode by. oops. 
IMG_6362 IMG_6417

also, a lot of time was spent aimlessly wandering around stores until we stumbled upon great finds, like these beards. IMG_6372

merry christmas! and welcome back to my blog, oh ye faithful readers. 

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