january week 1


i’m going to try to be better at blogging. i’m not making any promises though, so don’t hold me to it. as a handful of you probably know, my last semester was a little bit insane, and i didn’t even realize just how stretched i’d gotten myself until i stepped foot into this semester, which is my very LAST and markedly easier. what a relief it is to not eat every meal standing. anyway, i’m attempting to piece together some semblance of a post on my semester and what went down, because between biochem classes and pathophysiology study guides, i was able to eek out some cool things last term. you might have to wait for it, though! i forgot that blogging is tedious, and quite frankly, it has lost its luster for me.  BUT i figure i won’t regret a little old fashioned documentation, so here i sit, plinking away at this keyboard.


one of my blogging intentions for this year is to snap some images every week of happy moments and record them. that way, when i think about my last year of college, it is more than just a blur of tests and early mornings. so, here we go! week one.


planners are a big deal for me. i found the perfect one!// these boots have not left my feet since dec 25. pouncing through fresh snow is my siren songreading

saturday lunch and the wonderous life of oscar wao on the kindle my sister regifted me for christmas. that thing deserves its own post entirely, but long story short, i love it //i came out of work one day to the golden hour.

catching dinner with my blurry cousin who always gets mistaken for my boyfriend when we’re out (ew). a love of pho runs in the family!

friends on the middle of a very frozen utah lake setting off wish lanterns during the weekend. mine caught fire, fell to the earth, then was resurrected. metaphor for my life? yeah.

today is my sister’s birthday. i’d always wanted to eat the sushi buffet at sushi ya, and let me just say our eyes were much bigger than our stomachs…. which poses a problem when you’re expected to eat it all or pay extra. i may or may not have ended up stashing half a roll in my purse. // here’s the birthday girl holding a little cherubic baby. babies!

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