i realize i have neglected a somewhat important aspect of my life here. okay i have straight not written about a single thing on this blog for what seems like the better part of a century, but this is one something that really matters- at least to me. did i mention that i graduate at the end of this semester? that i leave byu forever with not so much as a look over the shoulder? that i’m traveling into the great beyond of “post grad” life that is some what scary and unknown? having this blog is funny because i can so easily reference posts of the past, look back on my experiences trying to decide what would be a good idea of what to do after high school, and then here i am again, in this wheel of existence and experience, which has come full circle. yet again, everyone i meet is asking me about my plans



i think the funniest thing about people asking about your “plans” is that usually they really have no interest in your answer. i know this to be true because my coworkers, most of whom i have worked with for almost four years, still ask me repeatedly which school i go to, when i’m graduating, and what i’m doing after i walk across that stage come april (which they never know until i tell them the answer that i am, indeed graduating)

given, the above, i have learned that when people usually ask me about my plans, that usually just gives me an opportunity to spout off some myriad of answers, some logical, some downright ridiculous. but, they always buy it, and like clockwork, ask me again the next month, day whatever.


this whole year has been about plans. after i got back from spain, i made myself a two year plan, full of goals and TO DO lists that would get me to where i wanted to be in the next while. i’d graduate by december (last december) then i’d be at nursing school by spring (oops).

i just typed an entire paragraph explaining the roadblocks i ran into, then deleted it because it made me feel anxious and i worried it might make you feel anxious, too. so just know this: i learned a lot, had experiences that made me laugh and cry, and ultimately have led me to where i am right now. where i will be in april. where i have virtually no idea where i will be come school year 2014.DSC_0297

my good news is that i have an internship in washington, dc. DC! DC! remember when i went to close-up and fell in love with that place almost seven years ago? when i got interested in humans and dabbled in government, shaped my views and turned into a quasi-adult? i remember walking around the capitol building feeling so small, and watching the interns glide past like they knew what was going on (they didn’t, i know that now), but then and there i decided that i would be returning. i would come back to live that life and learn what i hadn’t  the first time. (and much more…. wow i have a lot to learn). and i  really cannot wait. it is going to be an experience.

i will be interning as a federal advocacy intern for the american heart association come the beginning of may. i will write more specifics come that day, but for now  i thought it might be good to just write down my “plan”. my internship will go to august, after which i have no idea what the future holds for me. i have decided to postpone my nursing applications to see what could happen in dc. i would love to gain experience working in public health for a season there, then return to school if it is right in its time. everything in its right place, people!

it feels good to have a plan, but it also feels good to have some unknown.

sterling photo

my mantra for 2014 is to continue to experience, interact, and enjoy.  dc will be the perfect place to ensure that those actions are not mutually exclusive, in addition to the other great things that will happen before leaving utah and extending beyond the time i have in the nation’s capital.

i feel good. i feel hopeful. (i still feel broke)

**these photos are from last weekend out near utah lake. it is pretty out there when everything is covered white. my friend took the last one. he is an actual professional. i want to be him/ use his camera for eternity

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