january week 4 & feb week 1

on this week’s edition of “who the hell knows what week it is in the year is spring here yet” we have quiiiiiite the series of events. let’s get to it! 12394758235_990bcbce9b_z

i have quite the knack for making valentines. maybe this is why i am perpetually single? //taking a photo of yourself is so weird. hi posterity. this is me wearing a sweater i bought at DI when i was in high school. ps i think i got more compliments on this outfit than anything else ever.

did you all see the photo of the pope releasing doves two weeks ago, then see subsequent photos of those birds being attacked by seagulls? i couldn’t keep it together it was just too funny. anita made me my own collection while we were at church. case and point why i can never pay attention// family home evening with the only remaining people who weren’t cropped out. we definitely made a blanket fort. because we are at byu and that is what byu students do.

when it comes to getting your car washed, i say TAKE A PHOTO because it will definitely last longer. in fact, it definitely snowed the following day. // i have a class in the museum of art, and i walk by this HUGE painting every day. nativity by brian kershisnik. it is my favorite. 12394759465_1999aa6c0c_

this is kourtni and i at the gym doing an actual exercise. they’re called donkey kicks and JAMIE EASON TOTALLY DOES THEM SO SHUT UP. // movie theatre gluttony/stress eating at its finest. captain phillips is a RIDE12394901183_015b2fae10

it is always nice to look up from your computer one day to just be greeted by the hind parts of every plastic animal from room 5. i get no respect// super bowl party where the only bowl i really ever care about is the one holding the snacks. my aunt made these cupcakes that i enjoyed staring at because they were a lot more interesting than the actual game. amirite
12394903113_86573348ed_these are the things i’ve been eating this weekend. shut up food pictures rock. the eggs have cheese and spinach and red pepper flakes in them and were inhaled in .3. // i pass cafe rio every day on my way to work. most of the time i just drive right on by, but then friday came along and the veggie tostada straight yelled my name. i bought it to go, but it looked so good when i got out to my car i ended up eating it right there in the driver’s seat. because i am an independent woman.


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