weekday snapshots

last week i finally bought a bike lock, meaning i can now take night rides freely around the city and use the bike lanes that i think were strictly made for ME

14092700768_38da8c4d43_bif there’s one thing i’ve learned in dc, it is maybe i should be the type of person who checks the weather so i quit getting caught in these crazy rainstorms. whatever this is just a good WORDLESS WEDNESDAY for you.
14299546913_23f8274241_bthursday night found us at “wok n roll” chinatown’s elite karaoke club… it was loads of fun also i am fairly certain it is a brothel at night.14092801247_d0fbf7cf8c_zberry smoothies make mornings better.14278891134_8ddd228478_bsometimes running through georgetown is sort of like a fairytale and other times it smells like fish and garbage
14092797387_0b23b11222_zwaiting for the metro and dressing like a kindergartener in the process. 14276024281_a637829bff_ztuesday selfie game: strong (and embarrassing but these fluorescent lights make me do crazy things)
14277304762_2a63c82239_bi ran to roosevelt island this week. it was cool to run around and island and forget about the city just across the potomac14092761488_4385bd1f89_band teddy’s statue! running and sending snapchats is one of my favorite past times. 
14256249796_d1f850ae00_bpotomac sunsets
14279361365_db0991244e_bgeorgetown in the distance as seem from key bridge
14279402145_67c35be380_bcutting through chinatown on my way to yet another senate meeting
14256240406_0d5db65c90_bwaiting on the train to come14279357905_b5b20b2ee3_b

have a good week, everyone!

One comment

  1. Mmmkay. I’m going to try to contain myself from telling you to be extremely careful when running alone in those woodsy, fishy, rainy, areas by yourself. Ok? Ok. Stay safe daughter!

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