weekday snapshots

hi welcome back!
14210726039_74cb28e8a6_bi found a new way to walk home this week and was automatically happier. i’m a big fan of downtown dc and its big city feel but with a SKYLINE.14210733459_8ac630ef3f_bone day i put my hair in a bun and it was the best bun i’d ever had, so i just had to document it and now it is on the internet for everyone to see.

14210747219_7ce7debe4f_bweekends around here generally involve karaoke at wok n roll. there’s lots of gyrating and sweat.14210766689_4986d936e3_bi found a new-to-me trail near the least smelly portion of the potomac! it is so beautiful and green. also, who wants to join the crew team with me…14210787880_b6b4ec29cf_zanother great perk of working in the nation’s capital is the city’s extreme eye for detail and beautification. walking to work is often an interesting juxtaposition of bums sleeping to my left and workers planting flowers to my right. 14210942697_7ea883f2d7_bafter-work chill session outdoor movie extravaganza14396284154_cba65b9521_boutdoor movie in NoMa. hi bradley, hi rainclouds
14396311454_982cf9b382_bfood truck empanadas! melty cheese heaven i want to live inside14394027871_82c1133b98_bSO HAPPY TO NOT BE UNDER FLUORESCENT LIGHTS AT WORK14397400405_8ac60672bd_bjazz in the garden is one of the simple pleasures of life in dc, here’s a photo of one million 20-somethings gathered around, listening to smooth, sensual saxophones.

14396030012_45086c03d4_b giving directions around here is great because you generally get to say things like “turn left at the national archives” 14396031142_003a86a08e_zhow adorable are these friends? some of the girls and i had this brainchild to take a bunch of snacks to eat at jazz in the garden last weekend, so we loaded up on all the essentials: bread, fruit, three kinds of cheese, crackers, hummus, carrots, nuts, dried fruit, etc to take along with us. we had a trailer trash-esque cheese pairing in which i proceeded to slice apples with a plastic knife and use a bed sheet for a cheeseboard and open everyone’s eyes to the sport of cheese pairing. it was wonderful. 14374275766_6e90a2cb17_bjazz in the garden at the national gallery of art begged baguettes, so i carried this one on the metro like it was my day job (i wish carrying baguettes was a job) 14394044081_b09cf7be55_zon sunday i explored the city until i ran into a park where a serious community jam session was happening complete with bongos, wind instruments, pianos, dancing, hula hooping, and general merry-making. i want to be there every sunday14374286556_bd60f5102e_bthese guys mesmerized me with their dance fight/kicking for a good 20 minutes.
14394030881_f4a8fb6864_btrue or false: it is going to rain in NoMa14394040081_17d2563571_bwe ventured out to potomac, maryland for a bbq on saturday. bbqs are a vegetarian nemesis. don’t be fooled, that was just a hamburger bun with cheese on it and the potato salad was infiltrated with bacon. nevertheless, this was a quintessential summer night

14394041051_988b4702c4_zshowcasing our croquet “talent” seemed pretty east coast
14396017022_092208b484_bthe exact spot where MLK began his speech at the march on washington. chills
14396322344_c9abf7cd59_bsundates: me, my bike, and curb sitting & listening to smooth jazz in adams morgan≈
14397421785_93708e8288_bsriracha wall. this must be what heaven looks like14397421785_93708e8288_z 14417547993_6b77527908_brunning past the ww2. idaho always catches my eye no matter what14417559943_32f19c52e4_zlast weekend this freak thing happened where i went on two dates in one night. this was date intermission, passing through georgetown and laughing because my life is hilarious and weird.
14417567893_2c2bb02cee_bbike night rides past the mlk memorial. there is just something about riding around beneath the glowing lights, parking next to the jefferson memorial, and sitting on the edge of the pond for a good long chat next to that murky abyss below. life lately for me is full of those WOW moments that aren’t especially special in and of themselves, but hint at being important and beg for remembrance. that is why i snap photos; because small events creep away, but those small moments also make up a life.

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