a few days on a tributary of a tributary of chesapeake bay

nope, that title is not a typo.

last week i went to chesapeake bay with a few friends to work at my friend’s boss’s cabin. IMG_2367the place was right on the water, and had so much east coast charm, i almost wanted to vomit because places like these are TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. IMG_2366we spent most of friday working for our keep. i trimmed and hedged bushes, taking all my aggression out on overgrown trees and shrubs while looking like a total badass in high water pants, tall socks, running shoes, and rubber bands to keep the ticks out of my pants, because i am a public health major, and if there is one thing i know, it is that NOBODY GOT TIME FOR LYME DISEASE! IMG_2365the boys shingled a roof. i read my kindle with this view behind me. IMG_2368after a full day’s work, bob took us out on his boat. here we are looking like goobers who definitely don’t know how to tie up a boat to a dock and have no idea what “starboard” means. IMG_2363we tooled around in the water, then docked at a restaurant and ate all the seafood we could muster.IMG_2362 these crab cakes should be renamed CRACK CAKES they were so good. also, bob was such a good sport to take us west coast freaks out. also, he was wearing sperry’s and i felt so privileged to see sperry’s in their natural boat habitat! it was almost a spiritual experience. IMG_2364my favorite time on a lake is either the very early morning when the sun rises, or the golden hour before it sets and the water is all shimmery and dewey and dreamy (i hate it when people say that word. i actually wrote it sarcastically, so please read it that way. THANKS!) also, i took this selfie because i was on a boat, and this is the good side of my face. i’ll tell you about the bad side of my face in my next post and things will make a lot more sense, but take this as photographic evidence that I WAS INDEED ON THAT BOAT WEARING MY CROOKED SUNGLASSES! IMG_2361LIFE ADVICE: when you get old, buy a few houses on chesapeake bay, then make 20-somethings come do slave labor for you. take them out for crab cakes. they’ll think you’re all that and a bag of chips. 


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