friends that get married

IMG_2471this weekend we went to a wedding in philadelphia. two of my friends from byu married each other. is there anything better than having two people, both of whom you genuinely think are the best, decide to be together forever? nope. actually, finding one of those for yourself would probably be better, but whatever i’ll be happy anyway.

so, um, sorry about getting nothing but crap photos. the best one i took was of a salad, but i think that just goes to show you how great of a time we were having. so, here you have a series of blurry shots that i should have deleted, but couldn’t. YAY

i hung out with these two all weekend. they are great. i’ve never eaten so many french fries in one weekend, but when you’re road tripping with boys you WILL end up going to five guys at 11 am and you don’t say no.IMG_2473westchester, pa is a pretty place. it is a straight forest. the reception was in my friend’s backyard, which is putting it lightly, as she lives on an ESTATE and it was wonderful. she was beautiful, he was dapper, and marshall was a great dj. blake and i broke it down on the dance floor like champs/ provided the comic relief for all the people who were forced to watch us get down. sorry everyone. IMG_2472IMG_2476anyway, i give you mr. and mrs. danny gessel. what a couple. i’m so incandescently happy for the both of you. Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetcan i just say that it has been one helluva summer?     


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