an explanation of why i am mattress hunting in washington, dc

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetguess what. i got into nursing school. 

i could have made a bigger deal out of that and fluffed it up, but aren’t you glad i didn’t? here’s the deets:

WHO: me

WHAT: accelerated nursing school

WHEN: starting august 25

WHERE: marymount university, a private university in arlington, va. I’M GOING TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL YA’LL.

WHY: here’s where we can get nitty and gritty. so i’ve always tossed around the idea of being a nurse in the back of my mind. working with nurses in utah was fun, and all my favorite classes at byu were my sciencey ones that involved the body and things that usually would have made normal people squeamish. i didn’t want to do byu nursing because the program is extremely competitive and i have a fear of rejection (i should probably see someone about that). PLUS i really did love my degree in public health, and i learned a ton. at the end of my junior year, i decided i should probably take all my nursing prerequisites just in case i decided i wanted to do nursing school post-grad. you see, there are a plethora of quick, 18ish month programs around the nation that will give post-grads with a bachelor’s degree a bachelor’s of nursing, too. i tailored all my prerequisites towards fulfilling the requirements of the program at the university of utah, then got righteously slapped in the face to find out that the program would be starting at the same time as my required internship, and i had just taken biochemistry and pathophysiology in the same semester for no reason! LOL live and learn, people.

anyway, i came out to dc with really no intention of applying to any schools out here. i planned on riding out this wave of internship, then planned a job in public health and working for a bit. HOWEVER by week two, i knew the office culture wasn’t for me. call me a millennial, but i felt so unfulfilled. every day i went to work i couldn’t help but think there had to be something more to life than sitting at a computer all day. don’t get me wrong, i have learned SO MUCH by doing this internship, and i like it, but i don’t necessarily think it is ME. so, i did some research on schools in the area, fully expecting all the registration dates to be passed. most were, but then i ran across marymount and applied in two or three days. it was a waiting game for a bit, but last week i found out i was accepted. now i’m headed there, and if all goes well and i survive the gauntlet of courses and clinical, i will be a nurse by december 2015. 

HOW: probably by your prayers. and a lot of babysitting jobs and student loanz 4 dayz.

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