great falls, virginia

great falls national park is a real gem. the partk is in mclean, VA, and the place is really breathtaking. east, coast fall, guys! this is where it is at!








sweaty palms, much?DSC_0589


thanks for the photo, jeffDSC_0547life lesson: always bring a boy with you to be your photographer.



favorite picture of eliza ever. DSC_0539
don’t know what the bigger miracle is: the fact that i got out my big camera for once, or that i actually transferred the photos to my computer and put them into a BLOG! turning a new leaf over here, guys (lol puns)

One comment

  1. oh my gosh that picture of you standing on the edge!!!! my mom would have killed you. she got so angry at me and i was just sitting haha. but for real, that place looks bee-you-ti-full!

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