halloween and stuff.

(here’s a nice, creepy photo to really set the mood)IMG_0375

i’m a big fan of halloween. people are born into one of two folds- the haters and the embracers. i, for one, am the embracer. there’s nothing more fun than crafting a costume, getting stared at, and not giving a damn that you’re wearing leopard print pajamas.

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also, candy.

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so during the last two months, my roommate and i have been doing a “sweets fast” of sorts. because we’re masochistic idiots. it actually went pretty well without a hitch and only a few flubs when i found myself knee deep in endless brunch and NEEDED that cinnamon roll followed by banana pudding (which was later followed by a few spoonfuls of my roommates ben & jerry’s. oops) but halloween was another story in which i liberated myself from the chains of self control and ate cookie dough for breakfast. then at school i was greeted with a bag of hershey’s special dark on my desk. hershey’s special dark is mostly pond scum masquerading as dark chocolate, but it did in a pinch, especially when you’re stressing over a math quiz you have to pass with 90% or better. i think what i’m trying to say in this nonsensical paragraph is that i ate a lot of crap and resigned myself to the piety that comes with healthy living the next day. yay.

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so, costumes. in my 23 years of life i’ve had a lot of pretty memorable halloweens. the greatest hits generally consist of soccer players, bedheads, witches, and a sandwich costume that i lovingly crafted, only to have it get destroyed by a friend who got scared and tackled me while trick or treating. thinking about middle school and high school conjures up memories of awkward 80’s aerobics workout costumes, brief appearances at stake dances as an 80’s prom queen or anything that warranted an opportunity to fit into my mom’s old wrangler’s (seriously, alyssa, what is your fixation?). there was the year i cried myself to sleep because i didn’t make the jv basketball team in high school, and the year we toilet papered a crush’s house and my friends decided to put my name outside so he’d know it was me. college is kind of a blur, not for the reasons you’d think. i vaguely remember costumes as a catholic school girl, grapes, an indian, and minnie mouse. most of these halloweens were tainted with the anxiety that i should be studying or writing a paper. my favorite halloween was spent in spain, where halloween really isn’t a thing. i bought a “disguise set” from a chino shop last minute that was probably just meant to be accessories for a burlesque dancer, painted my face like a cat, and rode the metro around the city with my friends to a dance in which most of the girls dressed up in heels or were blood vampires, no in between. everyone called me “cat WOO man” and i didn’t have the heart to tell them i was going more for a lynx. i learned how to bachata and salsa and all the boys wanted to teach the white american chick how to really move. it was perfect.

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this year i had glorious ideas of what i wanted to be, envisions of epic group costumes and the accolades that would follow. however, good intentions don’t equal having the time or resources to go forward with them, so when my roommate suggested party animals, i was all in. she said “footie pajamas and party hats” and only an idiot would say no to that!

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we went to a halloween party in a barn in the middle of nowhere maryland. the thing about church dances is that you never know what to expect, they’re either 100% good or 100% get-me-out-of-here,-they’re-playing-cotton-eye-joe. the barn was an hour away from civilization, so i had low expectations. however, they were met! superseded even! the party was big and the barn was full of people. i mean, not like i knew a fraction of them, but the anonymity just allowed me to really get down with my cat-self and really embody that awful “shake if off” taylor swift song.

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so there you have it! halloween 2014! want to know the scariest thing, though? by this time next year i will be ALMOST A NURSE!

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  1. After following lots of healthy strangers on insta two days ago, I decided I am on “No Cookies-cake-donuts-icecream-candy Diet” until Thanksgiving. One day deep I was greeted by my manager bringing in the most delicious looking, thick pumpkin cookies. almost died. thought it couldn’t get any worse until I walked into the break room and saw a dozen donuts, cookies on cookies and even a pecan maple bundt cake…my eyes literally teared up out of jealousy. Don’t know what the point of me telling you this was, but i think it was something along the lines of we can be strong and avoid junk food together thang haha

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