hi welcome.

i lived my thanksgiving dream this year of doing things are completely atypical of the day. my roommate and i started the day off with a trip to anapolis, then scrapped the idea completely when we couldn’t find any good restaurants open. instead, we headed to the ethiopian place down the street, zenebech, if you were wondering, and feasted. it might not have been turkey and mashed potatoes, but the food coma was the same.


this year i have a lot to be thankful for, mostly things that haven’t really been on my list in years prior that come with my new life; things like catching the metro at the precise moment it arrives, miraculously fitting all my groceries into my backpack, not having my bike stolen, countless good restaurants that have become my very favorites, rats staying on the street and out of my apartment, trader joe’s frozen meals, roommates and friends who are more like family, group text for keeping my far away family a little closer, and having the conclusion of my first semester of nursing school on the horizon. #BLESSED

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