new year, SAME ME!!!!!! and a journal 52 project


here’s to a great year, thanks for being apart of it! (lol)

okay: first i am going to gripe and then i’m going to write about a new bloggy proj

2014- what a year! man, in full disclosure, i really hate all the glitz and glam that enshrouds the new year… ok mostly i just have an annoyance for social media around this time of year that gussies up the highlights and then tells of all the growing experiences that have come from the countless trials that have been overcome in the previous year. gahhhhhh do you feel me? i also have such a distaste for new years resolutions… mostly because i really have a lot to work on and i don’t exactly know where to start. so, i guess i’ll just state for the record that in 2015 i would like to continue kicking ass and working hard. i’d like a year full of more laughing, more caring about others, being mindful of myself, and wearing my retainer. (also, maybe i should start a skin care regimen. and get my nails done every month. DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN!!???)

this last year for me was a lot of growth in many places, and not so much in others- kind of a two-steps-forward-one-step-back situation but guess what! that’s life! if you follow this blog at ALL then you know what i’ve been up to this year. my top five include: graduating from BYU, moving to DC, crashing my bike (and my face into a tree), starting nursing school, and not going completely insane.

another thing i would like to work on this year includes writing more here on this  blog. this is partly for me, partly for you five individuals that probably read this. i am planning on writing these same posts i usually throw up here occasionally full of photos and the recent happenings, but i would also like to write more prompted posts. this is where journal52 come in. each week they give you a prompt to write on. each week i plan on writing a short essay on the topic, and if you’re game, maybe you should think about it, too! writing is therapy and heaven knows i need it.

i’m looking forward to days ahead. i hope are do, too! may you fall into a large sum of money, your thighs shrink, and your love life blossom. 😉

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