so i read this article…

IMG_0039it is no surprise that i like the internet. i fall down rabbit holes every day, which can be a time suck, but has also exposed me to a lot of cool stuff i generally end up sending to a couple friends, and then forgot it completely. so, here’s my new attempt at logging the best internet finds according to alyssa.


I really like spicy food, but it hasn’t always been that way. i thought this article on how we learn to like things we once hated really fascinating.

is love something that happens to you, or can it be put on a to-do list? evidently, it CAN be!

hailey sent me this article about the best things to do in our neighborhood, bloomingdale. i can vouch for a few of these, but MAN! i’ve still got some exploring to do.

if you want to laugh now and contemplate the deeper meaning of things later, david sedaris really nails it with leviathan


i came home from a long day of work to these cookies made by my roommate this week and ate 2. this leads to my question as to why i should ever get married when i currently come home to friends and cookies?

okay i haven’t made this exact recipe, but it combines all the delicious elements i love and the bookmark has been open on my screen for waaaaaay too long.


guys. i barreled through the entire season of fargo this week. ten episodes in three days. sure, it was a lot of multitasking, but i’m learning i’ve got an incredibly addictive personality. anyway, watch it*. *it is amazing and really dark and a lot of people get killed, so if getting a kill shot to the head isn’t your jam, i’d steer clear.

also, did you see the list of the oscar nominees? i’ve seen a lot of movies this year, but it looks like i’ve got a little more homework to do before feb 22. (eager emoji)

>>listening to

this podcast about worth on radiolab made me think about money and worth and life. it is a bit of a brainbuster, proceed with caution.

this playlist by kate miss has some awesome jams for freezing cold bike rides when you wonder if you’ll make it through winter with all fingers intact.

>> obsessing over

if you don’t follow @kristen_ess on insta, you should. she keeps cutting these lobs i can’t get enough of. and now you know how to style it. congrats.

these boots. i bought doc martens, and i wear them nearly everyday. this leads me to believe that 2015 will be my most badass year to date.

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