nicaragua pt 1

hey. welcome. i’ve had a few persistent readers (blythe. amy. cough) that told me i should really get my sh*t together and blog a little. i did just go to nicargua and stuff, so i guess this calls for a post. this one goes out to you, guys!

SO. as part of my nursing school experience (guys. i only have ONE SEMESTER LEFT. I CAN LEGALLY INJECT PEOPLE IN LESS THAN 18 WEEKS!) i went down to nicaragua to do a service mission with FIMRC. if you’d like to read about some of our experiences, feel free to read more about them here. the short of things is that healthcare is less than adequate in nicaragua, which is the poorest country in central america, and our objective was to learn and serve for ten days in Las Salinas, Rivas, Nicaragua, and the surrounding area. our days were filled with activities like visiting diabetics in their homes to check their blood glucose and educate, do therapy with disabled children, prenatal home visits, education, and measurements, distribute water filters to surrounding health posts, teach PE at local schools, and work in local health clinics and observing the pediatrician. we also got to go to the hospital to observe in the operating room, and since there is no such thing as HIPAA, i got all the video footage you never wanted to see! c-sections! leg surgery! the gang is all here, folks!

we would work all day and then play all night. well, actually the sun sets around 6:15, so that is that!

i’m working on a video, but til then, here are the photos from my phone. yay iphone! yay apps! one of the health posts we brought water filters to. seriously, if there is one thing i learned from my trip, it is the importance of clean water, and how much it sucks when you don’t have access to it. and how much i felt like santa claus bringing water filters to clinics, the people were that excited. parasites, be damned! we got clay pots up in here! // best sunsets in the world. //pregnancy visits, teaching about pregnancy stuff while reggeton music blasts throughout the street. -_- // another health post, nurses wear white and they must be magicians to keep it that white, because i left everyday looking like i’d rolled around in a mud pit.
diabetic home visits- this dude wasn’t our patient, but he wanted in on the platicando (chatting) he told us the whole story of his son going to med school in cuba, how he was such a good student and got a scholarship. it was so cute. also, the framed photos on the walls were all photo shopped and it was hilarious. // walking house to house for our diabetic checks. // monkeys in the tree next door. the sound they make is terrifying. the best smoothie ever. i ate a great percentage of all the fruit in nicaragua. when they say experts in smoothies, they ain’t kidding! // me and my aura feeling sunsetty after rooftop yoga. GUYS no yoga will ever compare. // pretty sunsets after learning to surf. more on that later. // fran, one of our diabetic patients, got us all mangoes from her tree. it was the best mango i’ve ever eaten. i could have died pretty happy (and i might because i didn’t wash it LOL)

playa popoyo so pretty you want to swear. // pinch me though// elian, my little buddy with down syndrome. //our rough lodging at the surf sanctuary. not mad. 

doing therapy with maria, our patient with cerebral palsy //me and the cutest kids at school. my phone must have been real confused with the white balance, but whatever, it is obvious why they call me LA GRINGA // i made them do races and they were INTO IT. // one of the school we taught CPR at. funniest experience ever.
one weekend we went to the city of granada, which is heavily spanish influenced. i loved it. i also loved the VEGETABLES.// my favorite wall in this city with my sweaty mug out in front of it. // while everyone else was buying rum and cuban cigars, i spent all my cash on these shoes.// the patios in this place were unreal. like a little living room oasis in every one! guys, let’s move to nica.   

one day my entire group went to hike a volcano, but i had a hard time getting out of a hammock, so i stayed behind and wandered to the top of a cathedral again. the views!// again, cathedral views // missing my bfffffffff// on sunday i decided to find a mormon church to go to. i didn’t really know where i was going, but i found some missionaries to stalk, and they led me right there. also, they were babies. little babies! at church i made friend with an old man with no teeth who kept showing me photos of engineering plans and i was so confused by i nodded anyway and basked in the air conditioning.
mango lassis. give me all the mango! // a very comfortable hammock that was hard to get out of // a wrap that did not include rice and beans from garden cafe. three cheers! // market abuelita peeling fruit.  i went to mass and spent most of my time taking photos with the patron saints. // hammocks made by deaf and blind people // the pretty cathedral // more patios to drool over in granada
markets //palm trees // colorful streets// hammock factory   my feet on the floor. also new chacos i do indeed love. //city street below our hostel in granda// i bought this lady out on her mango and then proceeded to eat about four mangoes worth. // me being me eating smoothies and trying not to be hit by cars/motos/ couples riding bikes with tvs or plywood attached to the back (true story)
i like to think claro que si just means DUH in english. // the real question here is how many copies of pirated magic mike xxl should i have purchased in rivas? // cathedral painting. // selfie in the pasteleria.   rivas streets// mamones! my favorite latin american fruit. like a cross between a grape and a kiwi and a furry animal.// WELCOME// orange roll from a pasteleria. a small price to pay for a few moments of free wifi to stare at my phone with!
the hospital in rivas. it was…. an experience. //surgery time! think this picture is gross? just be glad i didn’t post the video. // life begins via c-section! burning cauterized flesh! don’t you wish you were there?? // pupusas filled with cheese and beans and jalapeno vegetable that almost made cry. cutest babies at our clinic. this one wasn’t so sure about me taking her temperature and head circumfrence. // the view! is it any wonder why tourists have become flocking down here? i mean, maybe it is the fact that you can build a house for 3,000 USD? yeah, that could be a determining factor… // hoop yoga on top of a cliff. not mad // the view at dinner over fish tacos.
health clinics. they’re really stressing breast feeding, and this public health sign was my favorite. contrary to popular belief, your newborn should NOT be eating bean and rice.// ultrasound. it’s a girl!// chickens running through the clinic? it is safe to say that anything goes in favorite children’s book in spanish. // dinner in a hut on the beach// my favorite nurse maritza wearing all the hats, just doing some light gardening between patients // giving albuterol treatments, but missing half the necessary equipment. welcome to nica!
laying in another hammock. can you sense a theme here? // me, just being a nurse and stuff // would you rather have beans with your rice, or rice with your beans? i bet if you cut me open i would ooze gallo pinto. // my crew readying our donations at the clinic. hundreds of pregancy tests? an abundance of vaginal speculums? enough vaginal cream to cover a small island? you got it!    flights// beachy sunsets// beachy waves and mansions in the distance// surf sanctuary, ALL PRAISE AIR CONDITIONING!

more to come. sometime


  1. Alyssa-this trip looked amazing! Lucky you. I really hope you invested in one of those hammocks for your new apartment

    PS can you please send me the c section video??? I think that would be even more entertaining than pimple popping YouTube videos

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