nicaragua pt 2.


this is me “surfing”.


being in nicaragua was great. wonderful. confusing. humbling. hilarious. terrifying. unforgettable. really, i wish i could have just put everyone in my pocket so they could see what i saw, heard the things i heard… and let’s be honest, ate the things i ate! because dang! there is some good food down there!


here are a few more photos of my time that weren’t shot on iphone. most were just taken around where we lived for the ten day time, trying to capture a little bit of the beauty because, honesty. this place! hidden gems abounding! also, pigs abounding. chickens abounding. stray dogs on every corner. welcome to central america!


the landscape was a cross between hawaii and an african safari. DSC_0107

one of my favorite moments was at a beachside restaurant at which i was dining on the sand with mariachi playing in the background, waves sloshing against the shore, and a sunset on the horizon accompanied by the flicker of lightning in the distance. it was surreal and perfect (and my fish! the fish!) it is moments like this that just made me want to bottle up and remember forever. DSC_0114

most of the time in nicaragua i felt like worlds were colliding, past and future. one minute there would be a car blasting rhihanna, and the next, oxen riding down the road hauling feed with a family of six on the back. on one corner of the road there would be ladies hanging out the wash and pullling up water from the well, while just down the road construction workers were buliding multimillion dollar estates for what were likely american investors and retirees. DSC_0118

during the week, i was incredibly aware of my american-ness. it was jarring to suddenly realize the prosperity that has been thrust upon me without abandon. i spent a lot of time feeling very conscious. i grappled constantly with the question of who was really benefitting from this service mission: the nicaraguans, or me. in fact, the idea still weighs on my mind. DSC_0122

i saw resiliency and enjoyment. i was able to learn the true meaning of “placticar” aka, just sitting around, chatting with people and really learning and observing. DSC_0123

also, i did this. yeah, i don’t think they let you zipline upside down in america. just a hunch.


i mean, i was wearing a helmet covered in disney princess stickers, so i was totally safe. seems legit, right? DSC_0057

probably smiling because we survived, let’s be honest.  DSC_0060

my time spent in granada made me revisit spain and my obsession with it. also, my obsession with open air patios. who is going to tell america to stop building ugly houses and start building extravagant patios? do i have to do everything around here?DSC_0062

and colored buildings, because yes.  DSC_0063

and you cannot forget hammocks. nope. there is a phenomenon we lovingly referred to as “nica time”, aka doing things whenever you felt like it. read: late, if at all.


another one of the highlights of my trip was “learning” to surf. and by that, i mean i got pummeled by waves for two hours accidentally gave my instructor a free peek after a particularly powerful wave and an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. you’re welcome!


anyway, let’s end this post with a particularly good sunset. DSC_0144

the end.

(unless i figure out how to make a movie on imovie. technology. sheesh!)


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