wild wild west

i went to utah & idaho, and all i have to show for it is about ten pounds and these photos.

do you know how funny it was for me to tell people i was going “out west” for my summer vacation? my classmates and coworkers would look at me in awe, like i was lewis and clark, wondering if i would get cholera or diphtheria on the trail or something…. or if i would come back at all. and honestly, it was a little weird for me, too. being away from a place for a year+ some change just does something to you. here’s some pics to gawk at if you so desire. my first order of business touching down in utah after dropping off my suitcase was making a bee line to allred orchards for some of their best bruised produce. nine dollars for half a bushel? i’ll take it! i am the “seconds” biggest fan! i am like the lady liberty of reject nectarines. give me your bruised! your misshapen! your overripe and borderline moldy!!

the sad part about living far away from utah is the handful of friends and family i had to leave behind and only see on instagram these days. thankfully, i was able to see a lot of them, and some were even kind enough to drag me along on a camping trip. this is us making fondue over an open fire in the wasatch somewhere. and i mean, it was wonderful and classy and cheesy. seriously, all fun and games until one friend was whittling in the dark and accidentally machete’d himself in the leg and i had to play nurse and tell everyone we needed to whisk him down to the ER. good times! (all’s well, ok). 

the stupid thing about utah is that everyone thinks getting married is a good idea and i don’t get to go to their weddings, but hey at least this gives a lot of subject matter for our hikes! also honorable mention goes to shawn for bringing me sushi. no matter where i go happy sumo sushi will always be the best trashy sushi ever and so i guess i will have to go to utah always.

speaking of marriage, my little sister got engaged when i was over there. check out that rock! good job, oliver. sorry you’re going to have to put up with me for the rest of eternity.

so many good reunions happened in utah with family i haven’t seen for a long time, like the original three cousins all finally got together! and a photo to prove it! go us! we have come a long way from big bows and glamour shots at jc penney.. or maybe not. 

also, BABIES! on a detour through idaho falls i met my cousin’s baby for the first time and she was adorable, but, as evidence above, you don’t need me to tell you that.

after my mother got over the shock that i was actually coming home she quickly booked up some family pictures for us. (groan yay). they actually went pretty well though, i guess family pictures get easier once everyone gets over the “cries when hungry, tired, etc” stage. (even though i wanted to cry when i saw some of them. yiiiiiikes). here’s some of the ones i took that might not make it on your refrigerator come december. also my sister’s fiance in the one above makes it look like a sasquatch sighting and i love it.   

yeah, i took it upon myself to photograph the new couple. alyssa ball photography! now available for engagements, weddings, bat mitzvahs.
lindsay and i hiked up table rock one day, and it killed me. i blame the crappy air quality. and not the fact that i didn’t work out for a month? oops.

my little brother is not so little anymore- like he looks like an abercrombie model and he is taller than me? what? i mean that isn’t hard to do, but it is jarring because he will always be four years old to me and i would like to have a word with whoever thought this was a good idea. also, i have no photos to prove it, but he taught me how to shoot his bow (yep) and i liked it? what does this say about me? also, he is cool and shoots a bow because “guns are too easy”. his words verbatim. all i know is when the zombie apocalypse happens, i am hanging out with payton.

more peaches. i made a crispy cobbler situation. i also ate most of it. cuz fruit.

lindsay leaping at table rock

me leaping at table rock. i know i know i am so weirdly into gifs right now but google photos just makes it too easy.. in fact, google photos makes the for me, so i can’t be blamed. also i just think this one is too funny, like it shows my hesitation of thinking this is a bad idea, and thankfully lindsay didn’t take pics of the whole ordeal because i definitely ate it on the way down and my coccyx will never be the same, honestly.

oh that’s all my pictures? weird. not pictured but done most often: laying in bed. not changing my clothes. watching season upon season of portlandia. stressing over financial aid. eating boxes of cinnamon toast crunch (while writing these GD blog posts.) getting my nails done for twelve dollars (i love idaho!!). not studying for nursing. filming a lot of snapchat stories of my dog.

anyway, good times in the west. shout out to my parents for putting up with me and my antics for a whole week, and  my brother for being my personal chauffeur. you da real mvp.

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  1. Hey please put in a good word for #DCphotography for your sister’s wedding, no longer shot on an iPhone 4 like when I started

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