and here we are, 2016.

every time i have written the date in past six days, I just stare at it. how did we get here?


things have been happening, too many to count. i have thousands of photos on my phone, and every time i get that blearing notification that my memory is almost full, i curse my interesting life for giving me too many opportunities to have fun (or maybe it is the screenshots of recipes i will never try and photos of random people from high school, who really knows?)

anyway, what a year 2015 was. on my plane ride the other day, i wrote a list of all the things i wanted to remember about 2015 and all the things i wanted to forget. (maybe that is counterproductive, writing down things you’d like to forget, but roll with it). the pros outweighed the cons, so i guess 2015 can be chalked up as a pretty good year.

i graduated from nursing school, i moved out of a hole in the ground basement and into a place with bounteous windows and natural light. i was able to travel home, to new york, florida, north carolina, utah, california, and nicaragua. i cut off all my hair, and watched my sister change her last name. i ran a half marathon and had marathon study sessions. there have been challenges, but such is life.

i have plans for the new year that excite me and terrify me. on the top of the docket is passing the nclex and finding a job… and this is turning out to be more difficult than i’d expected. nursing is a double edged sword, in that you can kind of do it anywhere and the specialties are endless. what do i do? where do i go? january has been spent pondering these questions.

after that hurdle has been traversed i’m hoping for some travel. i have a chronic urge to travel internationally, so this year i have turkey, thailand, costa rica, and iceland on the brain. domestically i hope to spend some time exploring the the northeast- boston and portland, maine, specifically.

and then i would like to win a million dollars.

now be prepared for a barrage of random blog posts over the next few weeks because i need to catch up.




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