florida fall break

oooooooooook this is old but to the blog archives it goes!

this is the face of a stressed out nursing school lady throughly enjoying fall break.

diana lives in miami and over my fall break i scored a super cheap plane ticket down to visit her in her super swanky resort-esque beach life. she was the best host! we ate all the food and i played at her rooftop pool while she worked all day. we rent running all over downtown and she tricked me into taking a pole dancing class with her… and honestly, it was one of the biggest highlights of the trip, in my opinion. props to all the strippers and ho’s because it is HARDIMG_7124miami lives up to every sterotype. everyone speaks spanish and the women are all beautiful. dudes all over the place were wearing white linen pants. i thought i saw pitbull on every street corner (LIKE BELOW!). also pictured: diana being a hard working lady, the sunrise outside the window (!!!) and a sushi burrito that was actually gross don’t eat them.IMG_7123south beach has the prettiest water, so we couldn’t help but take a million pictures. of ourselves. can you tell i was happy to be out of the classroom and on a beach? IMG_7119IMG_7120one day we went out to the art district for dinner and mural peeping. IMG_7122IMG_7121thanks for the amazing time, di. thanks for living in paradise, and thanks for letting me sleep on your blow up mattress that has legitimately nicer bedding than my real bed at home.


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