alyssa ball BSN, RN

IMG_0236yesterday i made the call. THE call to see if i had passed my nursing boards. we were on the chain bridge coming back from a jaunt to see the top of the washington monument. i had missed the turn to our house, on account of being a little preoccupied with my impending fate. i had taken the NCLEX the day before. my test had shut off at 75 questions, which meant i had either done very well or very poorly. i felt… okay, but to be honest, my thoughts oscillated between confidence and sheer terror. i mean, it was only what i had been working for two years for, right?

i was advised to call after 10 am, and it was 10:33. we were stuck in traffic and i couldn’t stand it any longer. i shakily dialed the board of nursing and overeagerly gave my social. there was a silence as the receptionist looked up my information and had me verify my identity. and then, just as the light turned and i made a right onto clara barton, the words “congratulations, you’re a registered nurse” came rolling through the speaker. !!!!!!!! feelings of relief and euphoria. i did it.

and if that isn’t enough, this week i also accepted a job offer in salt lake city, utah. yes, i am moving back. and yes, i am just as surprised as you are.

(the above photo is from my weekend in utah and my new home- helloooo inversion-induced beautiful sunsets!!)

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