it is now unapologetically 2016

i came back. i now live in utah. i don’t have a valid utah driver’s license. i work three days, which means that if  you do the math, then have four days off a week. honestly, it is jarring to have this kind of leisure time. i have not had this much free time since i was fifteen years old! i know, POOR ME.

anyway, i’ve got things to talk about so let’s get this ball rolling.

in january i went home to idaho for the month in order to prepare for my nursing boards, which went well, thank the heavens above. living at home was great. i would wake up and study for 8-9 hours a day, then go to yoga, take a walk with my parents, eat dinner, watch movies, read books, and let’s be honest, find myself on instagram in the middle of the night neck deep in feeds i had no idea how i had found? will someone take my phone, please?

anyway, this is what time in idaho looked like.

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