so stuff happened in april.

i settled into a new job with a new schedule, spent a lot of time with my sisters in provo, and conned them into coming to salt lake a lot for sleepovers (causing lindsay to fall asleep on my throw pillows as evidence by the first photo). i did some hiking and wished it was summer when the snow was still way deep. i tried to make heads or tails of my new job. i went on solo trips to target in search of gum and ended up taking selfies. i decided i want, and NEED, a dog. we had family visit, and kourtni discovered that she had the same hairdo as my cousin’s baby. we dined al fresco, and i took a photo of myself holding jam, which somehow subsequently made it into this post?

some high school friends came to town and we had a GIRLZ WEEKEND where we had a near death experience at a nail salon, we shopped, we ran around ikea, and we stayed at a real hotel with a real jacuzzi and real awkward dudes hitting on my married-with-three-kids friend. truly, the perfect weekend!

i ate some pretty great food and hung out with babies. i found a cute trusty mechanic to fix my car. guys, life was really great in april (and beyond).

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