the great canadian rockies

it is a good thing things have worked out with tyler and me, because after maybe one month of dating we decided we should take a trip together. maybe it was his way of gauging my interest. you’ll have to ask him. all i know, is that without much trepidation i blurted out LAKE LOUISE and the next thing i knew we were googling pictures and booking places to stay. i shoulda known then that i’d found my travel partner for life. we had such an amazing time. i mean, maybe being in one of the most beautiful places in the world had something to do with it, but it was so great- perfect, really.

we started our canadian journey on thursday, stopped to sleep, and arrived in calgary on friday. what a place! neither of us had ever been to canada before, so i was just drinking it up. i mean, maybe canada isn’t really that foreign, but even the smallest things made me squeal and point. the highway signs are so polite! the accents are so real! the people are so… ordinary! we spent the night in calgary, which could be a post in and of itself, but i’ll refrain.

on saturday morning we drove a few hours to banff national park. the weather was a little cold, rainy, and foggy, but we made the best of it, and quite honestly, the cool weather was kind of a nice change from what we had been getting back home… but yeah, we were cold and wet most of the time. i felt like the prodigal son returning to his down coat, but ya know. warmth and comfort. we got lunch in banff, saw lake louise with the other million asian tourist groups, and, not going to lie, after both of those stops, i was feeling a little deflated because my expectations were so great and the reality was so.. touristy. but, after a scenic drive on the icefields parkway and us accidentally happening upon peyto lake, i was all euphoric over banff again. it is so beautiful! that night we camped at tunnel mountain and the sun didn’t set until 10:30 pm. yep. it was sort of the perfect day

on sunday we woke up to beautiful weather. we packed a million jackets, a lot of water, and enough trail mix for an entire boy scout troupe, and headed to castle mountain to hike. we did about 18 kilometers straight uphill punctuated by smallish reprieves through rain and gigantic puddles. and it was awesome. all six hours! the rest of the night was spent along scenic byways and perfecting jiffy pop over an open flame.

on monday morning we packed up, ate at the quintessential canadian fast food stop, tim horton’s, grabbed some real cadbury chocolate (thanks, england), hit up another poutine joint in lethbridge on our way out of canada, and spent the next sixteen hours together driving back to utah. honestly, i couldn’t have imagined a better trip. can’t wait for more just like this, kimball!



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