august 2016

bye summer! see ya!

august, what a month. most excitingly, i moved! into my own place! honestly it is the best thing ever. i’d like to thank my previous crappy landlord for prompting my soul search for a new apartment, my ward facebook page for the kickass listing i was able to nab, and my angelic boyfriend for letting me bum at his house for two weeks and clog his shower with lots of my hair. (isn’t being in a relationship fun??)

the first part of the month was spent basically going to the pool, refinishing furniture for my new place, cooking, and trying not to fall asleep in my car on my commute home after work. fun!

and then i moved and the second half of the month was spent plotting how i was going to fit all my stuff in a tiny apartment. tyler and i were able to put our heads together and brave ikea, install shelves (ok that was just tyler), and spend lots of money! all in the name of adulthood! really though, it is great. one of my favorite things has been having a PATIO SET! that is rickety and questionably put together, but fun to eat at, since i don’t have a kitchen table, and because dining al fresco is my JAM.

i worked a lot of weekends (womp) but we did manage to have fun. one weekend we went to southern utah with tyler’s family to dirt bike and hang out. and i fulfilled all of tyler’s girlfriend dreams by riding a dirt bike and not falling off immediately. we did some rooftop yoga, hung more shelves, ate superrrrr fresh peaches, got matching toothbrushes, made a lot of mexican food, and more.

it was a good month. it was a great summer! kinda maybe the best? anyway, here’s more disjointed photos, ENJOY!

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