our wedding: bridals at ventanas beach

here are a few of our bridals, which i am pretty pleased with. my friend-turned-photographer austin terry came to costa rica with us to take some real great photos i plan on looking at roughly once weekly for the rest of my life. since none of us had ever been to costa rica, we didn’t plan a location beforehand. the day before we were scheduled to do our photos, my aunt took us to ventanas beach, south of uvita. as soon as we got on that sandy beach, i knew that was where i wanted to do our bridals. i also had to add this one of tyler and i knocking back a couple cokes before heading back, because nothing gets in the way of the morning burn for the guy pictured above 😉

and i guess this is a good place to talk about our wedding garb. i laugh because tyler’s outfit cost probably fifteen times what mine cost…tyler wore a navy suit from hugo boss and  allen edmonds shoes. both were on sale, but they were so expensive we are going to bury him in them 😉

 i bought my wedding dress from dhgate.com, a wholesale chinese emporium. yes, i bought my dress online from china. i had heard of cheap dresses purchased this way, so it seemed like fate when i found one i loved, and had actually pinned an expensive version of, on the site. also, it cost 135 bucks. i figured at that price i had nothing to lose! a month later, it showed up at my doorstep, crammed in a dhl bag. i had no expectations. but it worked with a little alteration. i recommend it! as far as jewelry goes, i wore some jcrew factory clearance earrings and my made by mary with love bar necklace that has our anniversary on it. i decided not to wear a veil because, well, i didn’t want to buy one! ha! i purchased some pretty heels for the wedding, but last minute, i decided to wear my gold saltwaters. because beach and comfort. i did my own hair and makeup thanks to youtube tutorials, and i had a lot of previous days’ sun exposure to thank for my sunburned arms! ha!

here‘s more photos if you’re into that type of thing.

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