november 2017


this month held us a lot of changes and reminded me that i have a lot to be grateful for.

my biggest hurdle this month was taking the GRE. i don’t think i’ve written about any of it, but all fall i prepared to apply to a master’s program to become a nurse practitioner. this entailed a lot of paper writing, document finding, and studying for the big dance… the GRE. i was super nervous and spend much of my free time at work practicing math questions and studying vocabulary. i took the big test the first week of november and submitted my application a couple weeks after. i don’t know if i should even be writing all this because i don’t know if i got in, and the program is competitive, but whatever, this is life. i didn’t think i did much of anything besides prepare for that and work this month, but my camera roll proves otherwise, i guess.

like… this one. enjoy this photo of tyler in waders. haha


also, amid my school application, i also decided i needed a different job. i liked being a nurse at the previous hospital, but in late october i started itching for change and growth. a few applications later and i had accepted a job offer in the ICU at another hospital. taking on a new job has proved to be challenging, but it has been overall worthwhile. i stayed on per diem at my old job, so it wasn’t really goodbye, just “see you twice a month”. and i got an excuse to buy new scrubs! haha

a new job meant that i didn’t have to work thanksgiving this year, so we made the trip to boise to be with family. it was great to be home, since i haven’t celebrated that holiday with my family in what felt like at least 10 years. we did all the ball staples, including a nice thanksgiving day walk by the river and a trip to the hot springs the next day… and eating communal leftovers, of course.

on the way home we took a detour to see shoshone falls in our unplanned matching outfits complete with the road trip uggs. thanks for being our photographer, linds.

in november we also managed to snag cheap flights to california, so we went to santa barbara for a weekend to visit tyler’s family. it was a great break with a trip to solvang, surf, trips to the fish market for the fresh caught stuff, hikes, and foot massages.

and some “mom takes pics while the kids surf” shots



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