september 2017

this month. lol.

it felt like this. a BLURIMG_5412i did a lot of this (working at my regular job and working my seasonal flu clinics job… and clearly never ever wearing make up)

and tyler did a lot of this (he is in school and working his regular job and starting his own small business. lol!)IMG_5508so virtually we never saw each other for more that 2 hours at a time, tops, most days. what a fun relationship. and the time we did spent together was like this IMG_5601

with me refusing to let go of his hand or touch him at all times because i am like an addict who doesn’t really know when the next fix will be. here’s to hoping october slows down a little. (another lol.)

so this month all my photos were basically screen shots i would send to tyler or reminders or recipes etc etc etc. it wasn’t really that interesting.

but when all else fails, there is FOOD! here’s the remnants of my garden before i threw all my pots away. i hold in my hands the three most expensive bell peppers ever. garden they said! it will be fun! another lol. and then there’s me cooking said peppers. and then there are waffles with broken on chocolate on top because why not. and most importantly. APPLE SEASON!!! i got myself down to allred’s in provo and bought a giant box, then hit amazon for my apple slicer corer peeler. better than christmas!

aside from our weekend in seattle early in the month, i think there was one saturday we spent together. here’s tyler captured gracefully using both hands to tackle his apple fritter from banbury cross donuts… a fan favorite. and then 4/6 of the kimball kids got together and we went to sundance to peep the leaves and what do you know, it rained the whole time. and i am made out of sugar so it was a short jaunt! but hey at least we had a photo op and hung out with a cute dog.

not pictured: lots of open houses because we are on the hunt to buy a house. working overtime to somehow fund said house. studying for the GRE to apply to a master’s program. crying because i am scared i won’t get in to said master’s program.

oh, and most importantly, a lot of game of thrones. 🙂




road trip to seattle!

labor day weekend took us to seattle to visit tyler’s brother’s family. well, actually a crappy rental car took us there, but you know. IMG_5355

we had the best time! the weather was beautiful and, daresay, hot?? seattle?? it didn’t rain once. anyway, once we got there the festivities began almost immediately. ryan and annie were the best hosts. we hit all the spots! we kayaked on lake union, hit up downtown, gum wall, pike place, bainbridge island, and we ate all the food. it was great.

also, labor day weekend seattle was crowded, and i don’t know if you can see the disdain in tyler’s eyes for the quantity of people, but i can. and it makes me laugh every time i see this photo.

did i mention the best part of seattle? getting to hang out with our cute two year old niece. she is hilarious and has some serious pipes. she and tyler were fast friends.

after church sunday we went on a hike just outside of seattle…. with about every other visitor in the state! it was a beautiful hike, but having to pass through the hordes kind of took away from the beauty. oh well at least we were able to crop out all the people for the pics… ish.

and another great part about vacation? just relaxing outside. we took our relaxation to the next level if you can’t tell by that first pic. tyler’s bedhead is pretty notorious, but honestly rosie might give him a run for his money.

and the our last day 😦 we had breakfast at portage bay cafe, which was so good. i mean, look at the way tyler is eyeing my pancakes while he eats his assorted vegetables. the best part about that place? the fruit bar! dream come true for me.

and then just as quickly as we had come (not quickly… it took twelve hours from utah blah) it was time to drive home. the drive was pretty awful, thanks to the entire northwest being on fire, but tyler is a trooper and a good driver.

we had such a good time, and it was great to see my husband for five whole days!

see you next time, seattle!

november good times

another post! more photos! gee are you sick of me yet?

a lot A LOT of studying and work happened in november. i honestly don’t fully know how i made it through the semester and actually had time to do these fun things, too? maybe this is why my grades were so mediocre? heh

the highlights of this month, as evidenced above, the hightlight of this month was seeing sufjan stevens in baltimore with friends. i didn’t know if i was going to be able to squeeze the show in because i was going to be putting on a health fair the entire day and giving a presentation on stroke in spanish (ha. oh gee that is a story itself!) but i bought the ticket anyway, and it was worth it. completely, utterly. if you get the chance to see him live, do it.

a new, well, actually old-but-restored, gallery opened up in november near the white house, so we went to check it out. i actually went to it three times, but the first time was my favorite. the renwick does not disappoint! happy to have friends in my life who enjoy looking at dead bugs, marbles, and twine!

my friend works at npr, and this month i got my own personalized tour! the place is like disneyland for news junkies. i loved it. i got to put on 30,000 dollar headphones and talk and listening to my voice was like 100x better than when i have to listen to myself in my head. thanks, lee! you’re a gem!

also you’re probably wondering what those two pictures of tables are? like, alyssa- what are you doing with so much food all the time? WELL november means thanksgiving, and you better believe i helped cut all those pieces of pie for my calling at church. yes, my calling involves preparing food and putting whipped cream on 300+ pieces of pie. not mad! speaking of thanksgiving, i worked the holiday, which was actually pretty fun considering it was a holiday. after all the customers left we had our own thanksgiving celebration with all the leftover food and drink. a happy thanksgiving indeed!

and that, my friends, was november 2015. isn’t playing catch up FUN??

work hard, play hard or something

two things: i have six weeks left of school. i’m freaking out.

more importantly, we went to new york last week! IMG_7091

we drove, which was awesome. the drive through new jersey, pennsylvania, and the welcome center in delaware was lovely. east coast in the fall, i tell you what. it is something else. we had no real time table in the city, so it was spent meandering through brooklyn, which is everything you’d expect and more, and and food touring HARD. we hit up smorgasburg, juliana’s for pizza, and vanessa’s for sesame pancakes after seeing a USB comedy show on the lower east side. we even spotted humans of new york guy at penn station.


sunday was strictly reserved for bagels and leaf peeping. we drove into the city, and i fought a taxi driver for a prime parking spot right on central park west. i have never felt more fulfilled! amy snapped a pic for posterity. we then grabbed bagels from barney green grass, and i definitely accidentally spent fifteen dollars on a pumpernickel bagel with lox. thanks, new york. oh well, it was pretty transcendental. right as we finished our bagels we spotted the neon sign for milk bar, so it was basically a no brainer that we continue the carb tour, especially since a milk bar just opened up in dc, and the line could probably wrap around the earth a few times over. we got the cake batter milkshake, crack pie, funfetti cookie, compost cookie, and chocolate chip cornflake cookie. all were great, but i am still partial to the black and white from zabar’s and the chocolate cookie from levain as the best new york cookies… because that is an important thing. IMG_7088

and ahhhhh the park! i love central park. it is wonderful in every season, but guess what- fall is the best. i mean, maybe my opinion is skewed by the bavarian dancers that were cutting a rug by the belvedere castle and the quiddich players getting down on the lawn this time around, but man, i am into it. IMG_7087

and that is our trip.

and now i should really go back to studying.

wait there’s MORE.

here’s a bunch of november-y photos. my phone is full of photos that need a place to live besides my icloud. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preseti don’t always go to church… but when i do the carpet matches my outfit.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetwashington, dc temple. not too shabby! IMG_0036if you’re a male and you want women to hang on your every word, move to dc. good work, tyler. Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetfirst annual fakesgivingProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetwelcome to our mini-kitchen. yes, this is it.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetwelcome to our mini-oven. used to want an easy bake oven as a child…. never thought i’d get the chance as a 23 year old woman. all i have to say is, “be careful what you wish for”Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetfakesgiving would not be complete without a tofurkey!  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetour spread. not too bad for a bunch of people with mini kitchens! i made sweet potatoes. (i also ate about all of them)Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetthey were real happy with my self timer desires. i like this picture for andrea’s death glare and tyler’s and eliza’s profilesIMG_0026logan circle is my favorite part of my bike ride to work and school.IMG_3508my other favorite part? passing all the cars in traffic.IMG_3507brookland bridge (lol)

IMG_3500if you were wondering, this is what the metro looks like at 6:55 am.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetbike feetIMG_3486work feetIMG_3485daylight savings really puts a cramp in my style but i do live for the golden hourProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 preseta perfect photographic representation of my state of mind this whole semester. “who am i?” “what am i doing here?” “why am i wearing a bike helmet in the middle of this grocery store and eating chips from the bag?”Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetbest sandwich ever at taylor gourmet. cauliflower and pesto with arugula and white bean hummus, i will be back for YOU! IMG_3600the first snow as seen from my cave six feet below the earth. now you know why we call it the bombshell-ter! IMG_3605more first snow/slushIMG_3612folks! this was november! there’s more coming at you december-wise. stay put.


hi welcome.

i lived my thanksgiving dream this year of doing things are completely atypical of the day. my roommate and i started the day off with a trip to anapolis, then scrapped the idea completely when we couldn’t find any good restaurants open. instead, we headed to the ethiopian place down the street, zenebech, if you were wondering, and feasted. it might not have been turkey and mashed potatoes, but the food coma was the same.


this year i have a lot to be thankful for, mostly things that haven’t really been on my list in years prior that come with my new life; things like catching the metro at the precise moment it arrives, miraculously fitting all my groceries into my backpack, not having my bike stolen, countless good restaurants that have become my very favorites, rats staying on the street and out of my apartment, trader joe’s frozen meals, roommates and friends who are more like family, group text for keeping my far away family a little closer, and having the conclusion of my first semester of nursing school on the horizon. #BLESSED

my leaking ceiling and other notables.

first words, then pictures. (sorry)

if you know me, you know i’m a penny pincher. i’ll buy the generic ketchup, even if it is just five cents cheaper. i’m a big fan of riding my bike over paying for the metro. i used a mattress cover in place of  a comforter for six months because i was too cheap to buy a new one (that problem was remedied last week and HOLY COW what a life changing event- i didn’t say this miserly quality was always a strength). mostly i do these things because i’m broke, but also because i get a sick satisfaction out of saving money.

this fact brings me to my apartment in washington, dc. let me preface what i’m about to say by making it clear that i love where i live, mostly because of all the crazy stories i am collecting like crazy people collect stamps or rocks or coins. my collection is getting big. there’s beavertail, the squatter who “lives” next door and helped us move our couch into our apartment one time. we have the gay married couple with their yappy dog upstairs, who cries like a banshee on the moor when he is home alone. we have parchment thin walls that leak mariachi music from the salvadorians upstairs.  i am constantly serenaded to sleep nightly by the screeching of sirens that i like to just attribute to the fact that there are four hospitals in the area, and definitely has nothing to do with the high crime rate. i could go on and on. you see, if you didn’t know, rent in DC isn’t cheap. in fact, it only falls behind new york and san francisco as the most expensive place to live in the nation! cue the fanfare! we win! when i was looking for a place to live,  i was determined to find something affordable. after weeks of searching we stumbled upon our place and snatched it up immediately, as apartment hunting is extremely cut throat. all in all, the experience has been fine. UNTIL THE LEAK.

oh, the leak. it has been a reoccurring issue since about day one, but it was patched and “fixed” for awhile. then, a few weeks ago we noticed the ceiling was becoming a little big abnormally thick in places. the LEAK WAS BACK. we contacted our landlord, who sent over a guy who decided to cut up our ceiling and leave us with a taped up garbage sack. long story short, last sunday it was leaking and so i decided to drain it. water started pouring it out. i sent the first photo to him, then tried to send a video and accidentally sent him this nice cat photo from the night before. oops. thankfully i was able to avert the situation and put the phone in airplane mode before the photo sent, so i guess the whole “our internet sucks” cloud has a silver lining. renters life! it is so glam!

other things.

my friend ben and i went to see RAC a few weekends ago at 9:30 club. it was great but guys, the crowd sucked. am i getting too old and crochety for concerts? is this a personal problem? IMG_3307

my roommate eliza is my running buddy… aka she’s the only reason i actually run because she guilts me into it. here we are running around the national mall the other day after work before daylight savings ruined my life. also why is this photo so grainy the world may never know.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
dc has all the cool murals. this one is my fave.


also, all the cool homes. bloomingdale for life! (or at least until i can afford woodley park, let’s be honest)IMG_0360

only in DC are castles for sale. IMG_0363

autumny walks

my SCHOOL. marymount’s got that fall foliage on LOCK

another run on the national mall had me oogling over the colors and the lack of people! it was great. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

guess who came into work the other day while someone else was wearing her pajamas more or less? my good friend, common. hi common! glad to see you like sweet potatoes as much as i do.

after much prayer and fasting GUESS WHAT i finally found someone here to do my hair. thanks, julie. IMG_3405friend birthdays but mostly that is a homemade poptart filled with peanut butter and bacon (ew)
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetthere you have it, my people! now pray for me that i might pass my med-surg exam on friday.