march 2018

and i think a couple pics from february, too.

like these ones. i feel like i didn’t even get around to looking at my photos from spain until march, so here’s a couple more.

here are two pics that really encompass february and march fun times!!!!! me shoveling snow in my pajamas and tyler and i brushing our teeth in our matching shirts. our bathroom isn’t big enough for both of us to brush standing side by side, so maybe i had one foot in the bathtub in this pic or something. who knows.

contrary to popular belief, i still have a couple friends! here we are at the wedding of the century!! britni and clayton got married in march, and it was great. brit is one of my oldest and best friends and i am so happy for her. we both met our now-husbands on tinder the same summer (lol) so i have been invested in this relationship from the get-go. tyler is happy that i finally have a friend who is married to someone with a dirtbike.

aaaaand nurse friends going to see matinees on weekdays! haha. honestly the best friends a nurse can have are other nurse friends with the same whacked out schedule. we both use the same nurse scheduling app so we can see when each other are off and i live for the afternoons when i get the “what are you doing i’m bored” texts.

oh look, we are eating things. my mom sent theeee best peanut butter cookies from boise in our birthday package, and here we are sampling them… i don’t know. i find some pretty strange photos on my phone. the second is us and a nutella ice cream cone…. so good… if you’re in salt lake looking to upgrade from your mcdonald’s soft serve, normal ice cream in trolley square will do it for you. and then next we have toast. hummus, hard boiled egg, caper. toast is the best food. try it.

work. i’m still a nurse. here i am hiding in the bathroom away from my crazy patients and the call lights. with bunny ears because i am festive and it was easter sunday. aaaand guess what? i am finally on day shift! i will sort of miss these sunrises greeting me after a complete crap shift. they always gave me some semblance of hope.

and then march meant one thing- birthdays! i turned 27 and tyler turned the big 3-0. we didn’t take a single photo together but i did get some pics of him eating, so i guess that’s something. we went to hamachi for his birthday and provisions for mine. i spent my day not working (!!! woo hoo) and just going to the gym and catching up with friends. for tyler’s birthday i concocted a birthday surprise trip i will talk about in another post. the best birthday gift though for me was a letter from elder ball!

and that was march. looking forward to spring’s actual debut, getting outside, and sleeping normal hours.

a review of march (quick and painless)



this month was in like a lion, out like a drugged lion, and fast as a cheetah. as far as the monthly theme goes…. i think MIDTERMS. would probably suffice. lots of tests, papers, and cramming happened this month. also, presentations. read on! 1

hawaii shape up is in full force… which basically means i just go to the gym on friday nights to lift heavy things. totally normal. // this was my first outdoor run of the season when i decided to break up with winter. // my lunch in the RB every monday and wednesdsay. also, i get weirdly self conscious when people ask me what i’m eating// this picture was taken as i was leaving work…. AKA it was STILL BRIGHT OUTSIDE! my soul smiled. thank you daylight savings


this month i got the opportunity to present at an inquiry conference put on by BYU and i presented about my project in spain. i was sufficiently terrified, but thanks to a little retail therapy and my nerd glasses i got through it. also, no one showed up but my mentor…. but then again, maybe i should have actually invited people? // my thursday grocery shopping haul. THOSE MARVIN’S CRACKERS are crystal meth good. // guys, mark this day in history that i successfully made spanish tortilla. and it was really good! i think pilar would have been proud. // just those little ragamuffin cuties i read to on thursdays. they always ask me if i have my phone to play with. mostly i lie and tell them it is dead. 4

kourtni got her senior pictures taken. she was WORKING THAT CAMERA. what a babe// here’s my cute family waiting for our sushi. lindsay got bacon sushi. typical. // this is how my grandma eats her vegas roll. not pictured: dousing the entire thing with soy sauce. //me and payton. he always tells me to stop taking pictures… but this one is evidence that he totally likes it. 5

my best girl kelsey is getting married. she fainted at her dress fitting. // i made waffles. they weren’t as delicious as they look, unfortunately. // we learned how to check for breast cancer. it was hilarious and well, hilarious. for my birthday i told my friend i wanted to have a cheese tasting AKA just buy many blocks and wheels of cheese (actually pieces out of the 1.99 or less bin at sprouts. let’s be honest here) and eat them with things. WE FEASTED. herbed goat cheese, wisconsin sharp cheddar, queso fresco (probably made in a bathtub. thx shane), sweet pepper cream cheese, brie…. for half an hour my life was complete. we ate it all with awesome crackers and dried fruit, nuts, apples…. guys. it was off the hook. 6

and maybe after being sophisticated with our cheese we went and hit flaming golf balls into utah lake. actually i hid under a blanket because it was FA-REEZING. // more sushi. haters gonna hate.// i made lingerie cookies for my friend’s bridal shower. sometimes i frost cookies for three hours. // kourtni’s favorite pastime is stealing my phone and taking approx 1.6 thousand pictures of herself. so, i figured at least one should be displayed.


with it being lent and all, i gave up sugar for all month. during easter this bowl of cadbury mini eggs just would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE and just when all the eggs would be gone… somebody would fill it up again! let’s just say i ate my fair share of it come easter sunday. // OMG spring is here and i like being able to finally see the blue sky // just a creeptastic picture of me at the end of the month. // on sundays i like to take a little walk and listen to a podcast or two… usually dealing with moms and kids. i’m weird. this last sunday as i was walking along i saw this on the sidewalk and it made my day. “timshel” means “thou mayest” and is a HUUUUUGE theme of my fave book, east of eden. basically in a nutshell it means that you control your life and the way you’re going to live regardless of circumstance. at least that’s what it means to me… i suggest you pick up a copy and fall in weird love with adam and HATE CATHY. anyway, seeing this made miss the summer and reading and emily scoggin. also, i put this picture of insta and NO ONE LIKED IT therefore i guess i am alone in my love of literature namely this book.

as far as other things, i’m currently…..

reading: this article on living with less  kind of extreme for me, but i dig it.

watching: walking dead. SEASON FINALE! 

listening to:the one and only justin timberlake 20/20 experience. so good & full of subliminal drug refs.  

eating: too mush shushi! also, KALE. BRUSSELS SPROUTS.

hope you’re having a good april, ya’ll.

what’s up MARCH

welcome to the new month! start it off right  by watching this video. it is so, so good.

Splitscreen: A Love Story from James W Griffiths on Vimeo.

today i learned a valuable lessons. when you’re lacking in outfit-spiration, just throw on a blazer. the day will be fine. eat salads from the cafeteria and polish off the kettle corn in the breakroom. don’t look at the nutrition facts.  just don’t.

i’ve got a march goal to be a better blogger. here we go, bring it on!

march first

i like the sound of that.
march is a great month, but i mostly like it because of it’s name MARCH. to me it says, “pick yourself up out of your wintery depressive state and let’s get going to spring/summer!” now who’s with me? don’t worry though, it will snow again. i’m counting on it.

i found a new library level: the 5th one. i like it because it’s got maximum windows and minimum freshman. (and so far no gingers and/or couples feeding each other. promising) it gives me good luck on my physiology quizzes too, especially when i don’t think i have a prayer.

did you know that it is national PANCAKE day? well, it is. that means free flapjacks from ihop. (this year i am going to stick to my guns and not buy anything. mostly i usually feel bad for taking advantage of them and not donating to their childrens foundation, but this year will be different. the cold heart this winter helped me to develop has yet to thaw, even though it’s now march.

just some good ol’ pics from me introducing pancakes to my family in spain. they loved em

okay i’m kidding. i will donate to their foundation. i’m really a good person. but really, i can’t wait. i love ihop, even if the pancakes my mom makes are tenfold better.

well, back to the grindstone. the aortic arch is calling.