march 2018

and i think a couple pics from february, too.

like these ones. i feel like i didn’t even get around to looking at my photos from spain until march, so here’s a couple more.

here are two pics that really encompass february and march fun times!!!!! me shoveling snow in my pajamas and tyler and i brushing our teeth in our matching shirts. our bathroom isn’t big enough for both of us to brush standing side by side, so maybe i had one foot in the bathtub in this pic or something. who knows.

contrary to popular belief, i still have a couple friends! here we are at the wedding of the century!! britni and clayton got married in march, and it was great. brit is one of my oldest and best friends and i am so happy for her. we both met our now-husbands on tinder the same summer (lol) so i have been invested in this relationship from the get-go. tyler is happy that i finally have a friend who is married to someone with a dirtbike.

aaaaand nurse friends going to see matinees on weekdays! haha. honestly the best friends a nurse can have are other nurse friends with the same whacked out schedule. we both use the same nurse scheduling app so we can see when each other are off and i live for the afternoons when i get the “what are you doing i’m bored” texts.

oh look, we are eating things. my mom sent theeee best peanut butter cookies from boise in our birthday package, and here we are sampling them… i don’t know. i find some pretty strange photos on my phone. the second is us and a nutella ice cream cone…. so good… if you’re in salt lake looking to upgrade from your mcdonald’s soft serve, normal ice cream in trolley square will do it for you. and then next we have toast. hummus, hard boiled egg, caper. toast is the best food. try it.

work. i’m still a nurse. here i am hiding in the bathroom away from my crazy patients and the call lights. with bunny ears because i am festive and it was easter sunday. aaaand guess what? i am finally on day shift! i will sort of miss these sunrises greeting me after a complete crap shift. they always gave me some semblance of hope.

and then march meant one thing- birthdays! i turned 27 and tyler turned the big 3-0. we didn’t take a single photo together but i did get some pics of him eating, so i guess that’s something. we went to hamachi for his birthday and provisions for mine. i spent my day not working (!!! woo hoo) and just going to the gym and catching up with friends. for tyler’s birthday i concocted a birthday surprise trip i will talk about in another post. the best birthday gift though for me was a letter from elder ball!

and that was march. looking forward to spring’s actual debut, getting outside, and sleeping normal hours.

january 2018

what a month. it felt more like spring than anything else, but little did we know, snow was coming.

at the beginning of the month we continued our yearly tradition of seeing temple square lights after christmas… like on the day they turn them off. we like to live on the edge. in regards to food, i’m still cooking it up in tiny kitchen. another day, another pizza experiment. if your new years resolution is to eat more salad then i recommend this. also trader joe’s pizza dough is the best around. aaaaand, new year, new glasses. considering that i need them to see and they fall on the ground of hospitals frequently, i needed a cheap upgrade.

one weekend we went snowshoeing with some friends up at alta. it was so beautiful and actually felt like winter, something that we appreciated indeed. they’re getting married in march so it was fun to listen to brit’s wedding planning all while knowing that i won’t ever go through that again. phew.

and, january meant sundance! one of the best parts about living in utah is volunteering during the film festival. there are lots of perks and i just really love park city. this year i was on a theatre crew at the library theatre. that meant i spent my time telling people to follow signs and scoot in to the middle because it was going to be a full house. very fun. adults cannot follow directions. i saw lots of great films and a few big names. aaand i got the coveted volunteer jacket that is a big deal to no one other than sundance volunteers but i still wear it proudly… along with my geeky credential, pictured above. also isn’t thins the most picturesque view out the bathroom window??

mom came for a visit! i love seeing her. we went to settebello and saw the greatest showman. she slept on my couch and every time she has to sleep on that dumb thing i am more motivated to get a bigger place with a real bed for my poor mother. also i helped throw a bridal shower for britni! and i spent way too much time crafting this backdrop and making a banner that i should have just bought but thought i could be the DIY queen for once. it says love at first swipe. don’t worry, no one else got it either. but they met on tinder so at least the party girl thought it was funny!!! and a saturday spent in provo. i feel like such a granny every time i go there and i am among thousands of bright eyed bushy tailed college students. we went to pizza factory and ate carbs on sticks. does it get any better! tyler is modeling said breadstick.

besides that, i worked a lot and got some big news!!!!!

BYU rejected me from their NP program. lol.

i took it hard for a couple days but then decided it just wasn’t in the cards and continuing to work will be good for me and my resume. better days ahead!

we will end with my two best january creations.

my awful rat’s nest hair after working all week and living the bun life right before a good washing, and totchos.

totchos, you ask? tater tots with layers of cheese, beans, and soyrizo. with sour cream and guac. because sometimes you gotta clean out your fridge. try it!!!!!

september 2017

this month. lol.

it felt like this. a BLURIMG_5412i did a lot of this (working at my regular job and working my seasonal flu clinics job… and clearly never ever wearing make up)

and tyler did a lot of this (he is in school and working his regular job and starting his own small business. lol!)IMG_5508so virtually we never saw each other for more that 2 hours at a time, tops, most days. what a fun relationship. and the time we did spent together was like this IMG_5601

with me refusing to let go of his hand or touch him at all times because i am like an addict who doesn’t really know when the next fix will be. here’s to hoping october slows down a little. (another lol.)

so this month all my photos were basically screen shots i would send to tyler or reminders or recipes etc etc etc. it wasn’t really that interesting.

but when all else fails, there is FOOD! here’s the remnants of my garden before i threw all my pots away. i hold in my hands the three most expensive bell peppers ever. garden they said! it will be fun! another lol. and then there’s me cooking said peppers. and then there are waffles with broken on chocolate on top because why not. and most importantly. APPLE SEASON!!! i got myself down to allred’s in provo and bought a giant box, then hit amazon for my apple slicer corer peeler. better than christmas!

aside from our weekend in seattle early in the month, i think there was one saturday we spent together. here’s tyler captured gracefully using both hands to tackle his apple fritter from banbury cross donuts… a fan favorite. and then 4/6 of the kimball kids got together and we went to sundance to peep the leaves and what do you know, it rained the whole time. and i am made out of sugar so it was a short jaunt! but hey at least we had a photo op and hung out with a cute dog.

not pictured: lots of open houses because we are on the hunt to buy a house. working overtime to somehow fund said house. studying for the GRE to apply to a master’s program. crying because i am scared i won’t get in to said master’s program.

oh, and most importantly, a lot of game of thrones. 🙂




the other day i chatted with the fat man.

i think the real santa claus has been working part time at the university mall.

i know it because he’s got a real beard. he doesn’t wear the traditional suit, but mixes it up some with jolly suspenders and seasonal sweaters that look like they were purchased from ll bean circa 1995. (i would know what sweaters were from that year because i am pretty sure we have some old catalogs from  about then sitting in the drawer in the end table at my house in boise… mom, go check) 
he had the jolliest laugh. how do i know this? i witnessed it firsthand afte he asked me what i wanted for christmas last weekend…. to which i replied without a second thought,
“santa, i just want the metabolism of a fourteen year old boy… do you think you can handle that?”
(insert jolly laugh here)
he said he would see what he could do. i’m counting on you, mr. kringle.
in other news, i did this tonight.
evidently i am eligible to start a 401k retirement plan through my job since i’ve been there now over a year, so tonight was dedicated to making heads or tails of retirement planning….don’t worry that the minimum age requirement to do so is 20.5 years of age and i don’t even have a career yet. future husband, you’re a lucky one. i’ve got our my life plan after 59 all figured out. between now and then is kind of hazy, but ya know, from the looks of things i’ll be a millionaire just from working a reception job (sarcasm). investing in the future starts NOW.

saturday night christmas cheer

tonight was our work christmas party.
of course, sweaters were encouraged…. and, of course, whitney and i won best sweater awards. (please hold your applause) i’m really glad this xxl hug me bear sweater has come in so handy the last three years…

we probably ruined a perfectly good picture right here, but still, it was great.  i like my job… and those coworkers of mine, too.

on another note, i am obsessed with the lower lights christmas album…. well, maybe just the five songs i can stream online for free until i break down and buy the album. it is so good. if you’ve got five minutes, fast forward to the last song. it is wonderful.

good feeling 3

i bought dental floss today. and new make up. how is it that all toiletries seem to run out at the exact same time? please, somebody- riddle me that one!
things have been a little bit on the slow side at work this week. it is probably the calm before the flu and strep throat storm, so i’ve been relishing in watching “annie” and reading every single issue of cooking light then enters the premise.
day three- usually when it is slowish i find myself gravitating towards it’s my favorite place for news. they’ve got pretty pictures and large print. (am i 5? 95? both?) anyways, flipping through their photoblog is my favorite and i highly suggest it if you want some high quality images of what is going down in the world. my favorite topic as of late has been their stories on the “7th billion baby”. that’s right folks, our population has hit 7 billion.

go check it out.

yet another little list

today at work i compiled a montage of all the reasons my job can be pretty dang awkward. i don’t know what is worse- the things i find myself saying, the things i find myself doing, or the things i find myself thinking. i will let you decide. but really- i’ve posted about a lot of the “happenstances” at work time and time again, but they just seem to get better and better. so here i go, divulging what happens from the other side of the counter.

1. the fact that one of my jobs is to check people out… and i say things like “i can check you out over here!” “you’re all checked out!” or “i just checked you out”. oy.
you can only say this to so many five year olds before you start creeping yourself out a little bit.

2. those parents. the ones who call for an emergency stubbed toe.
the ones who painstakingly spell out their last name.
the last name is smith.  S……M……I…..T…………..H.
the ones who give WAY too much information… use your imagination.
the ones who give no information.
“and what are we seeing your child for today” “i think they’re sick” ok. awesome.
the ones who think you are best friends.
“oh hey alyssa, it’s me again. hailey’s mom!” (hailey who…)
the celebrity families. notorious for their style, number of children, booming voices, craziness, or ability to dismantle an entire waiting room before they are even checked in. or all of the above.

hands down my favorite parent.

3. asking people if the urine sample they are thrusting towards me is “fresh” and then getting as far away as possible as they try to drop it right off into my hands. thanks…. but no thanks.

4. even more fantastic child names.
rayjin waters
autumn sky
alexandr khristian (neither black nor rapper)
and my favorite family of trees: aspen, autumn, everett, ivy, and oakley. true life!

5. the stickers. oh, those stickers. if i have one piece of advice to offer up, it is probably this. never ever ever ever touch the stickers at the doctor’s office. i am quite positive that every single symptom and syndrome can be found on that special box of princess stickers. the throaty coughers hack all over them. the boogery kids wipe their noses then dive right into the bucket. whole boxes get stuck in toddlers’ mouths. never touch them unless you’re trying to leave with a souvenir of a whole different strain.

in other news, i still don’t know what i should be for halloween. it has got to be good. i’ve got to wear it to work and the children have got to like it! i want witty. i want comfortable. i want some great ideas!

i made applesauce. i am going to make my children their own baby food. i will probably eat more of said baby food than the actual baby.

i probably spent the last hour trying to figure out how to use spotify since i am getting the vibe that pandora is so…. 2010. it’s just me, getting with the times!

did i tell you i drive a van? it is awful. dreadful.

happy almost friday… big plans this weekend! working. hiking. continuing my college drop out bumminess. making hummus and more soup. a recap will most definitely ensue.