march 2018

and i think a couple pics from february, too.

like these ones. i feel like i didn’t even get around to looking at my photos from spain until march, so here’s a couple more.

here are two pics that really encompass february and march fun times!!!!! me shoveling snow in my pajamas and tyler and i brushing our teeth in our matching shirts. our bathroom isn’t big enough for both of us to brush standing side by side, so maybe i had one foot in the bathtub in this pic or something. who knows.

contrary to popular belief, i still have a couple friends! here we are at the wedding of the century!! britni and clayton got married in march, and it was great. brit is one of my oldest and best friends and i am so happy for her. we both met our now-husbands on tinder the same summer (lol) so i have been invested in this relationship from the get-go. tyler is happy that i finally have a friend who is married to someone with a dirtbike.

aaaaand nurse friends going to see matinees on weekdays! haha. honestly the best friends a nurse can have are other nurse friends with the same whacked out schedule. we both use the same nurse scheduling app so we can see when each other are off and i live for the afternoons when i get the “what are you doing i’m bored” texts.

oh look, we are eating things. my mom sent theeee best peanut butter cookies from boise in our birthday package, and here we are sampling them… i don’t know. i find some pretty strange photos on my phone. the second is us and a nutella ice cream cone…. so good… if you’re in salt lake looking to upgrade from your mcdonald’s soft serve, normal ice cream in trolley square will do it for you. and then next we have toast. hummus, hard boiled egg, caper. toast is the best food. try it.

work. i’m still a nurse. here i am hiding in the bathroom away from my crazy patients and the call lights. with bunny ears because i am festive and it was easter sunday. aaaand guess what? i am finally on day shift! i will sort of miss these sunrises greeting me after a complete crap shift. they always gave me some semblance of hope.

and then march meant one thing- birthdays! i turned 27 and tyler turned the big 3-0. we didn’t take a single photo together but i did get some pics of him eating, so i guess that’s something. we went to hamachi for his birthday and provisions for mine. i spent my day not working (!!! woo hoo) and just going to the gym and catching up with friends. for tyler’s birthday i concocted a birthday surprise trip i will talk about in another post. the best birthday gift though for me was a letter from elder ball!

and that was march. looking forward to spring’s actual debut, getting outside, and sleeping normal hours.

the rest of march

continuing on from last post because not all the fun of march could be jam packed in!

march was a stark contrast to the rest of life for the last two years. i didn’t start my job until the end of the month, so i had a LOT of time to myself. i mean, i’m pretty good at wasting time, and i had a room to decorate, so it worked out alright. also, utah has great hiking, so i spent a lot of days outside… and driving around in a CAR! i have the crappiest car in the history of cars…. but let me tell you, any transportation after having none to call your own is a luxury i am NOT taking for granted. 1997 toyota corollas with faux wood paneling forever!!

i also was graced with the presence of friends and my sisters to salt lake, which made me feel a little less alone in this new city. i mean, i’ve lived in utah before, but salt lake is a bit different- a great different.

also, guys. i turned 25 in march. i went to dinner with my dear high school friends to celebrate. we tried to copper onion, which was pretty good, but the real highlight was harmon’s gelato. yep, the grocery store. it is everything good in this world. utah’s best kept secret is a grocery store! with couches! on my actual birthday, my family came into town, so we spent the weekend hiking, getting pizza, brunching outside, and just hanging out playing with face swap. it was a great way to begin 25. i’m optimistic for a great year ahead.

at the end of march, some family stuff happened that none of us were expecting. it is amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye. sorry to be vague. anyway, i guess what i am trying to say, is that i am very grateful i had the foresight and opportunity to move closer to them. dc is a fabulous place and i miss it each day, but living close to family is something i will never again take for granted.

anyway! photos!  i think you can click on them to see a stupid caption i wrote. it is like a scratch n sniff sticker! but less smelly!

on my first day of being 22


i ate some forkfuls of peanut buttter straight out of the jar (all the spoons were dirty)

i began and ended the day with a good dose of justin timberlake.MIRRORS.( i’m sure jessica biel is super happy he wrote an ENTIRE CD about HER)

i only went to four out of my six classes… mostly because i hate my doctrine and covenants class and thinking about going to a 2.5 hr technology class made me want to cry** in chronic disease we learned to palpate breasts to check for cancer. it was hilarious and awkward

i sat on my living room and ate an assortment of goat cheese, brie, apples, and crackers because, um… cheese plates.

i laughed hysterically at my mom’s first grade class singing me a happy birthday message. they were so endearing and  i wanted to pinch all of their cheeks

i got a full body massage from a guy named dax which left me feeling like i’d been hit by a truck (in a good way?) also it is weird getting a massage from some guy that looks like he’s seventeen and him asking if you want him to massage your pecs. mmmmm pay to get felt up? ithinkiwillpassTHANKS. (that picture above of me looking super wasted is right after my massage. TRAINWRECK)


i got a free sandwich. it was…. well, free.

i got a package from my family and read each note about 15 times. they’re hilarious and wonderful.

i responded to birthday messages on facebook and texts.

i got some free red mango… it totally doesn’t count as sugar. it is YOGURT

i went to yoga and completely exerted what remained of any residual energy i had.

i went to bed.

see ya next year, march 20.

**and of course i had my little annual birthday cry anyway because, ya know, i only cry like once a year and it always falls on my birthday. it is weird and confusing to even yours truly, but ya know it’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to… right?