december 2017

the holiday season is such a blur, this year was no different. i mean, maybe it was a bit blurred because i went back to night shift halfway thorough the month…?

bi-annual haircut happened this month. haha thank you, lex. and! i got to hang out with the world’s current cutest baby with the best cheeks. hanukah this year was celebrated in style in the kimball household. lox and eggs on homemade latkes. good enough to turn you jewish! this next photo was the christmas tree at work. the place was decked out, and one of my coworkers even made a rubber glove tree. that there is dedication. tyler’s family came to visit for a weekend and brought a new chair for my niece. as soon as she opened it up, the first thing she did was pose on it. HA! and, of course this year we got our tree from harmons… because they are the cutest ones, and just barely too tall, which i find endearing. we promptly strung popcorn and it was the cutest tree, imo.

also, here’s a picture of a biscuit i ate and my biscuit date. the restaurant smelled so heavily of bacon that after we left, MY HAIR SMELLED LIKE BACON. vegetarian nightmare. also, i opened all my christmas gifts early from my parents. because that is what you do as an impulsive adult. here i am, smugly modeling my new hat and sweater to send to my mom. she was not impressed 🙂 AND this weird awkward foot photo is one of my favorites because it signifies that both tyler and i were home at the same time during the EVENING and those events are far and few between these days, thanks to very opposite schedules. sigh.

this year we spent christmas in santa barbara. my first california christmas! it was so nice to have no snow or cold. and sun! and beaches! december ravaged southern california with the thomas fire right up until christmas. in fact, tyler’s family was under mandatory evacuation until a few short days before we arrived. of course, they all acted like it was nothing? just a little ash on the cars and “THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS!” signs everywhere. if it was me, i would have been a nervous wreck. guess that’s the california lifestyle? haha

christmas was great. have you seen that meme that is like, “december 1-26 you’re full of christmas spirit. december 27-january1 you’re full of cheese. thereafter you’re just fat”. we LIVED that meme. and we ate so much cheese. tyler and i put together a pretty great charcuterie on christmas, it was awesome. new traditions! i even got new cheese knives from my inlaws.

most of our time was spent hanging out together. here we have some mistletoe hanging, christmas morning action shots, tyler and his new tools (seriously spoiled by milwaukee santa), and my favorite shot of my child husband. isn’t he objectively the cutest?? also, this last photo is my sister in law and my father in law… the photo is of my father in law as a young man and his dad. so, ya know. four generations and the SAME JACKET!  i guess this just proves you should never throw away ANY clothing?

and then i made us go outside. christmas walk! and the beach at montecito. this is the area that was completely ravaged by the mud slides last week. it is the most beautiful area, we are so sad. 😦

and that’s it, folks. all of 2017 has been accounted for. thanks for reading and sorry for the foot photos.

december 2016

december was a really good month for so many reasons. christmas (duh) but also i was able to spend a lot of time at home with my family, wedding plan, go to the temple to become endowed, and eat good food, which super important, obviously.

we got the cutest christmas tree on december 1. it was kind of a sadly decorated tree at the beginning, so i strung popcorn and sliced oranges, which made it pretty legit, i might say. and then tyler brought his ornaments from growing up, and then it was really legit.

my mom had surgery on her shoulder during the middle of the month, so i went to be her personal nurse for a week, and go to the temple. it was great. i went to a chinese buffet with my dad and i didn’t die, or worse, get food poisoning. pre-surgery, my mom and sister threw me a bridal shower, i saw some friends, and i got to sit on a comfortable couch for a week! it was great. poor tyler had to go back to work… and finish school… and tow my car to california to get fixed while i was gone, so i’m sure you are wondering who had the more relaxing week!

for christmas, we went to boise for about, 12 hours. i had to work christmas eve night, so we left at noon christmas day and were there that night, given all the snow and treacherous roads. i’m over winter. it was a great christmas, though. we celebrated early, as seen here with some cheesy pajama tree christmas shots and presents.

new years eve i was supposed to work, but i got a surprise day off! we got thai food, saw manchester by the sea, and fell asleep by 11:30. party animals!

when mom came to town

amid studying and trying to finish out the semester, mom came to dc for a weekend for my nursing school pinning. since i am a really great tour guide, we hit all the great stuff we didn’t get to do when she was here in the spring  with my dad…. because if you recall, my dad isn’t really into shopping, art, or cupcakes. so this time around, we went whole hog! left nothing out! so here’s some pics and everything we did.


thursday night, we went to see the lights at the dc temple and got “redirected” when we tried to look at the nativities backwards. mormons and their rules! geez! afterwards we went to thai x-ing for dinner, which is one of the best meals i’ve ever eaten. and mom loved it! operations “get kris ball to eat curry and like it” was a success. then we went to the zoo to see the zoolights, only it was almost over and there was a beer fest going on? huh? anyway we rode an intertube down a grass hill and then went home.

friday i had to go to school, so we went to founding farmers for breakfast, and then mom went to do her own exploring. we met up after class in georgetown and went to sprinkles, and don’t let the cuteness fool you, baked and wired is about one thousand times more satisfying. we shopped around georgetown some, then went to 2 amys for the BEST pizza this city has to offer. afterwards we went home to get fancy, then went to kennedy center to see the national symphony perform with the one and only ben folds! it was great.

saturday was pinning day! after pinning we took advantage of the amazing weather and walked down to the white house for lunch at old ebbitt grill followed by a tour of the wonder exhibit at the renwick gallery. we then hopped across the river to alexandria for boat lights and shopping around alexandria. we ended up sneaking into a boat club party in order to get a better view of the lights… you know, since we are rebels. i introduced mom to the deliciousness that is ted’s bulletin grilled cheese, and then rolled home in a cheese-induced food coma.

sunday mom’s flight took off pretty early, and just as fast as the trip had come, it was over. guess that means it is time to plan another trip? yeah?

christmas break

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

so i went to idaho for two weeks

(i will never complain about the dc cold again.)

being home was so good, there was so much food in the fridge… like too much. like, “oh, alyssa, what did you get for christmas? i got at least 5-7 lbs heavier thanks for asking!”- too much food. like, “i ate a twice baked potato at 3 am because it was there and i couldn’t leave it alone”- too much food. like, “there is a full can of spray whipped cream in the fridge and its siren song is calling your name”- too much food. do i regret it? NOPE. because guess what i came back to in washington, dc? a pantry full of popcorn kernels, dried dates and instant oatmeal packets. diet-by-default instated.                            Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

seeing my family was awesome. eight months is a long time! my brother was taller and actually maybe wanted to hang out with me, even though he would probably never admit it. i just guessed, based on the way he gave me a few grace minutes when i hugged him instead of pulling away instantly. thanks, patey! you’re the real hero here!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_0005Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

my sisters are still tall and beautiful. they’re cool and so funny. we had such good times eating (see above) and shopping and laying on the couch, which actually was my only goal of the break. to lay. (goal accomplished)Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

my parents are good too. they made it a point to cater to my needs, from the uppity sparkling water to driving me all the way to mccall for a the day through a blizzard because i wanted to cross country ski. you have all the points in my book! i owe you a lot, mom and dad! thanks for putting up with your jerk daughter who only comes to visit when you buy the plane ticket 😉 i don’t deserve you.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

also, boise is good. the best part about a hometown is the familiarity.  it is so incredibly satisfying to walk the dog and know that he is going to pick up a stick for you to throw in a certain place, so gratifying (albeit a tad bit jarring when you see them in stores with no forewarning everywhere in town) to have people there who know you and want to hear about life, and comforting just to be around, especially in the winter with snow on christmas and a car you can drive in instead of having to traipse aimlessly and bundle like old man michelin. (although i’m super good at it)Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

oh yeah, christmas, too. it was great- all the traditions were checked off, from the pizza on christmas eve, driving around to see the lights, gingerbread houses (or monuments.. dc has changed me.), movies, and all the epic christmas gifts in the morning… which obviously included a lot of clothes suitable for lounging, as that is what the balls do best (the giving lounge clothes and lounging, too. hi-ya!) we saw movies and ate food, invited the missionary sisters for dinner, and made fun of all of your christmas traditions on instagram. (sorry, we respect you, but your matching pj’s need to go).Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_0009Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

anyway, i’ve got a mil photos that need their own time in the sun, so here’s to the first of a few posts. merry christmas. happy holidays.

december in washington, dc

lots of good things happened between thanksgiving and christmas when i wasn’t studying for finals. might i add what a RELIEF it is to have semester 1 under by belt?
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preseti spent a little time babysitting and helping the kids i watch learn their hebrew. yep. these are the kinds of things kids who live on capitol hill do. IMG_3666mahi mahi break at work. whenever i work a double, i TREAT MYSELF! getting free food once in a while doesn’t hurt, either…Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetmy side of town has a lot of really great murals, this one on 0 street is my favorite. this is the sort of side eye perfection i strive for. IMG_3651diana came to visit me right after thanksgiving. i took her on the whirlwind tour of dc complete with a run around the mall to check off all the best monuments. IMG_3643and, of course, with a stop at baked and wired for first dessertProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetstrawberry cake cup for the win! paired with hot chocolate that is just… meh. stick to what you know, b&w! IMG_3649for dinner and second dessert we went to founding farmer’s, obviously, where diana had the “best meal EVER!” followed by a tower of carrot cake that was equally as good.
IMG_3633we went to the american history museum, where i was pleasantly surprised by an entire exhibit dedicated to julia child and her kitchen. these are her pans! someone get me a trough to collect my DROOL!!!!!
IMG_3627my favorite view of the washington monument from the jefferson (even in the leafless tree winter drudgery)
IMG_3618in true festive dc fashion, we braved the crazy wind and headed to the zoo to check out the zoolights.IMG_3624it was cold and there were no animals, so instead here is a photo of diana posing as an elephant. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetthere’s a flea market right down the street from my place that i am incredibly intrigued by. my favorite part is all the mirrors, i want them all. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetin lieu of gifts, my roommates and i decided to venture out for a fancy dinner at farmers fishers bakers before christmas…. made unfancy by our insatiable desire to order chips and guacamole as an appetizer. Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presethere we are! our holiday selfie. i really love these friends a lot. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetthis is my favorite food. bless you, falafel salad with heaps of hummus, roasted veggies, tomato salsa, eggplant, and feta from roti, bless. you. IMG_3713christmas decorating here is a competition sport, i swear. IMG_3721one of my favorite parts about city christmas is the plethora of decorations. the christmas tree in downtown dc is quite the spectacle. a photo shoot ensued. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetyep, hi. what do i do with my hands? Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetseeing this after finishing my finals made me laugh because THESE were my thoughts exactly during the semester. ahh to be on the other side! (for a couple more weeks, at least… eek). Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetonce finals finished, my nurse friends and i treated ourselves to brunch at ted’s bulletin. the food here is pretty “meh” but the atmosphere is top notch. i mean how great is this menu, i mean, really? Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetmy favorite museum in dc is definitely the gallery of art. it is fantastic. seeing little dancer, along with a bunch of other works i learned about in art history at byu is so satisfying. IMG_3740seeing this place decorated for the holidays is also really greatProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetsorry for two pics of the same fountain, but you wouldn’t believe how many tried to took me to get this pano without people standing RIGHT IN FRONT of the fountain. tourists! i tell ya! 😉Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetand last but not least! the famous white house christmas tree! not gonna lie… it was kind of a let down, given the fact that the pretty tree straight from PA is encased in a cage of lights. come on, obama! 😉

we need a little christmas. right this very minute

i’m back! we’ll talk more about my time laying low in another post, but first! christmas! one thing i would really like to do this year is pull out my big bulky camera more often. the iphone is nice, convenient, discreet, and doesn’t make me look like a complete dumb@$$ carrying it around, but man. one look at the quality and i know there’s a reason i dropped out of school that fated fall day in 2011 and used my tuition money to buy that 900 dollar machine. (insert monkey covering mouth emoji)


first off, a photo shoot with payton after church one day. i told him to stand on that ball thing so we would crop it out later and make him look taller. i totally lied. really i just wanted photos of him posing on an exercise ball while taking selfies with my mother.


poor kid has to put up with me kissing him every time i come home. sorry buddy. (not really)DSC_0162

one day he’ll be this big and it makes me sad. in my mind he’ll always be either five or twelve. DSC_0171most epic photo bomb. nice work, lindsay.


oh look, here we all are. DSC_0187

self timer, guys!


leo fritze and i totally bonded over break. don’t ask. just… let it happen. IMG_6332

my mom was set on going to see the botanical gardens at garden aglow.DSC_0210 DSC_0214 DSC_0218DSC_0227 DSC_0231 DSC_0236

i was set on getting her to take photos with me in the following manner while hundreds (probably 10)  spectators turned and stared. DSC_0237seeing as my dad works for ups, he is mostly never around during december. this means christmas eve was spent gathering around our kitchen island wolfing down pizza and drinking copious amounts of martinelli’s. it’s one of those “when the cat’s away, the mice will drive kris ball to her wit’s end”  sort of situations. hi mom. IMG_6335


christmas morning flannel.


i made a photo book of our hawaii trip and it was my favorite thing to watch my family open up. too bad the book ended up being like 5 inches by 5 inches. foiled again during my scholarly stupor that was fall semester.

one of the best things was seeing my friends that were home. seeing as none of my best friends from boise live within 1000 miles of me, it is always imperative that we find some times to get together.  you know. like going to the POTATO DROP on nye, which is essentially JUST LIKE the times square ball drop, but instead of a ball it is a potato that drops at midnight. (it is nothing like times square). DSC_0270


and going to lunch, which is just a given. IMG_6330
the weather in boise was pretty spectacular over break, so a lot of mornings were spent taking our maniac dog out for his daily gaunt. also, lots of slobbery stick throwing and twirling on ice that probably isn’t that safe to twirl on. in fact, kourtni was informed of it by a self proclaimed safety officer as he rode by. oops. 
IMG_6362 IMG_6417

also, a lot of time was spent aimlessly wandering around stores until we stumbled upon great finds, like these beards. IMG_6372

merry christmas! and welcome back to my blog, oh ye faithful readers. 


break was a whirlwind. i hardly got out my camera… good thing my phone is just another appendage.


seeing this sign in BOI was a huge sigh of relief


seeing poor kourtni in the hospital…. not so much.


obviously payton had a good time hanging out in the room. hey, at least he got to eat chik-fil-a three times in one week!


i thoroughly enjoyed wearing all of kourtni’s clothes while she was gone… also, lindsay’s shirt is actually kourtni’s, and i wore it in spain, so…. well, sisterhood of the traveling shirt, i guess.


the people felt bad for us, so we got toyz.


payton got pretty sick of me taking a trillion pics, that is for sure.


i was sent to the grocery store to buy, then cook, a christmas ham. i had no idea what i was doing. image

this is just one of the many times i requested going out for mexican food. i think we hit all of my favorite spots! (minus pollo rey…. we’re coming for ya!)


we skipped out on church and ate brunch at hailey’s consisting of leftover vegetable platters, diet coke, cold pizza, trail mix, cookies, and twice baked potatoes. if that isn’t the epitome of holiday binging, well, i don’t know what is. not mad.


it snowed! i had forgotten what that was like.


rondo and i became good pals


also, the river is pretty regardless of season.


diana is the most responsible pet owner i know.


i spent much of break waking up between 5:30 to 7:30 AM thanks to some serious jet lag issues.

i did a lot of insomniatic baking. most of it didn’t turn out too well…

i promise the cookies tasted decent.


after a lot of sad, overcooked vegetables, all i wanted to eat at home was kale and sweet potatoes.

and cinnamon chex. i did just that.


this is a prime example of why i miss my sisters when i am in utah.


also, HAPPY NEW YEAR. on nye i went out with some great friends/ danced around with drunk people from high school.

imagelet us just say it was a memorable nye.


also, kourtni and i spent lots of time sitting on the couch in recovery mode.

here we are taking one of those “sleeping pictures”.

… i mean, we were totally asleep and someone took this of us.
imageeven though it was a little bit of an unconventional christmas, break was great.

it was so refreshing to see family, friends, and be an american speaking english.

and wearing sweats to the grocery store. three cheers for that!